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Entelo is a search engine for recruiters, giving you access to rich social data. See data aggregated from sources across the web, giving a holistic view of candidates

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What is Entelo?

Entelo recruiting automation software helps talent teams more efficiently discover and qualify talent, so you can get to your next hire faster. Designed with the recruiter’s daily workflow in mind, Entelo delivers significant efficiency gains for recruiting teams. Proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, and end-to-end automation speed up candidate discovery and qualification processes and continually float best-fit candidates to the top of your talent pipeline.

Entelo Details Provided by: Andria S.

Entelo Details Provided by: Andria Stark

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Entelo Platform is the most powerful recruiting automation software on the market. Not only does Entelo use data to make it easier than ever to source and engage candidates, Entelo was also built to easily fit into your existing technology stack. By integrating with other leading HR technology providers, including your applicant tracking system, augmenting your current workflow with Entelo means a seamless and more efficient workflow for your talent team.

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