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ExecVision focuses on enhancing Conversation Intelligence to transform the way executives understand their business. Conversation Intelligence is the next frontier of data gathering and turning conversations into actionable intelligence. ExecVision aims to improve business conversations along with turning calls into actionable data to provide executives with insights that they never knew were possible

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ExecVision Features

Call Analytics

Call Recording - Conversation Intelligence

Records sales calls and facilitates playback

Not enough data available

Machine Learning - Conversation Intelligence

Utilizes machine learning technology to analyze recorded sales calls

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Call Analysis - Conversation Intelligence

Analyzes or facilitates the analysis of recorded and stored sales calls for insight

Not enough data available

Lead Qualification - Conversation Intelligence

Leverages analytics to qualify and score calls in real time

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Knowledge Base

Organizes knowledge from fellow sales representatives and other experienced employees for reference.

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Coaching Materials

Offers content and training for new hires within the tool.

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Playbook Creation

Allows for the creation of a customized playbook that new hires can use for reference in understanding company-specific sales processes.

(Based on 12 reviews)

Video Record

Records users' practice or live pitches for future reference and improvement.

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Agent Performance Management

Customer Scoring - Conversation Intelligence

Leverages technology to rate or "read" recordings to determine the impact of sales calls

Not enough data available

Speech-to-Text - Conversation Intelligence

Transcribes sales calls from speech to text

Not enough data available

Artificial Intelligence - Conversation Intelligence

Utilizes artificial intelligence technology to discover insights within recorded sales calls

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Lets managers review recorded video pitches to discuss areas of skill and areas that require improvement.

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Provides a scorecard to display team and/or individual performance.

(Based on 13 reviews)

Coaching Card

Allows managers to utilize and snapshot scorecards to coach new hires and assign action items.

(Based on 12 reviews)


Projects team sales performance publicly to reward and motivate employees.

(Based on 9 reviews)

Real-Time Updates

Updates sales data in real-time so as to help teams remain close to their goals.

(Based on 12 reviews)


Notifies users of company-specified "danger zones" to correct behaviors and re-align sales processes in the right direction.

(Based on 15 reviews)


Motivates employees by creating time-sensitive competititons that drive performance.

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