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EZOfficeInventory Features

Inventory Management Platform Features

Centralized Inventory Database

Manage and track all inventory records across warehouses and retail locations through a single unified database.

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Inventory Level Dashboards

Maintain a visual on product stock levels throughout your facilities with flexible inventory dashboards.

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Stock History Reporting

View the history of individual items and compare the sales performance of new to old stock in order to inform purchasing decisions.

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Low Stock Notifications

Set low stock thresholds and receive automatic alerts when stock decreases to that level.

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Bundles, Kits, & Variants

Automatically adjust inventory for product bundles, kit orders, and product variations within the system.

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Asset Tracking

Use barcode or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology with specialized readers or mobile applications to track inventory assets throughout warehouse facilities.

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Inventory Forecasting

Optimize inventory levels with features that suggest reorder points and economic order quantities (EOQs) that facilitate inventory management.

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eCommerce Integrations

Integrate shopping carts, eCommerce platforms, POS, and payment gateways with the system to link inventory records between across platforms.

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Accounting Integrations

Track inventory costs and costs of goods sold (COGS) with accounting software integrations.

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Data Exporting / Importing

Transfer large volumes of inventory data records into and out of the system with built-in import / export tools.

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Asset Definition

Asset Register - Asset Tracking

Create a list of all the assets owed by a company.

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Relationships - Asset Tracking

Define relationships between various types of assets.

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Costs - Asset Tracking

Identify the value of each asset and keep it up to date.

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Check In/Out

Due Date Assignment

Enables the assignment of tool return dates and provides automated overdue notices to admins and employees.

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Barcode Check In/Check Out

Uses barcodes to check products in and out, and to track tool inventory.

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Tool Reservation Portal

Allows employees to access a portal displaying tool inventory and build a shopping cart of items for check out.

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Mobile App with Scanner

Provides a mobile app with barcode scanning technology.

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Asset Tracking

Location - Asset Tracking

Track asset locations using GIS and GPS technology.

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Status - Asset Tracking

Monitor the status of multiple types of assets.

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History - Asset Tracking

Maintain a history of adjustments made to assets.

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Tool Tracking

Tool Info Tracking

Breadth of tool data tracking, including serial number, model, purchase date, etc.

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Maintenance Schedule Tracking

Track tool maintenance and repaid schedules.

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Custom Tool Info Fields

Provides features to add custom fields for tool tracking.

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