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Flockrush is an all in one content marketing platform for publishers and brands to fully leverage Social Media and Web.

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What is Flockrush?

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Flockrush enables content marketing on social and blogs at scale, and with speed.

With Flockrush you can create bold, beautiful marketing to capture and captivate audiences, building yourself a platform that supports your marketing activation with greater efficiency.


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About Flockrush

Flockrush is a full-stack Martech platform to execute content marketing across website, blogs and social media.

Inspired by Diply, the worlds fastest growing website, Flockrush is built to run the new-generation of publishing media businesses.

Our platform spans all aspects, from building a "high-performance" website to the execution of data-driven publishing workflows across the web and social media to increase awareness and drive targeted traffic.

We execute exceptional performance through strengthening the three pillars of Content, Engagement, and Monetization.

Strengthening these key pillars requires a constellation of technical tools and a team of both creative and influential people. At Flockrush, our unique approach takes away the headache of stitching together a gazillion tools and make it easy to execute your most important online projects.

To summarize, Flockrush is a single platform to: create, publish and promote content; listen to and manage social media; and the necessary reporting and analytics.

For Brands looking to execute like top-tier media sites, we have a key insight built into our technology on topic-based content and social amplification which leverages the full scope of social media. Drive enviable traffic, build big audiences and email lists. For an intro visit: http://www.flockrush.com/An-Introduction-to-Flockrush/

Content marketing is transitioning from using the reach of marketing to deliver a story, to use the reach of a story to deliver marketing.

As content marketing matures, marketers are increasingly expected to be able to attribute the efforts of content marketing directly to the outcomes that contribute to organizational success. Content is having to earn its place alongside PPC/CPM and SEO as a tool to drive and convert traffic.

Flockrush gives you all the features you need to build, manage and monetize social fan pages using the full potential of social media to generate engaged followers who are linked to powerful blogs that convert fans into usable traffic.

For both B2B and B2C teams, it is now possible to activate marketing via social to your target customers - wherever they choose to be.

Driving traffic and building big audiences quickly require great content to be posted frequently – with Flockrush you get access to great user-generated content, and royalty paid images of the best quality to Create & Curate at scale – the greatest weapon for preparing high volumes of content to continually attract traffic and engage fans.

Unlimited content queues enable you to set up and easily manage large pools of content and achieve huge scale with your content publishing. Built-in user-generated content rights authorization ensures you can safely manage all your UGC and have complete control of what gets published.

Synchronizing high volumes of content across social pages and blogs is time-consuming, but now it’s as easy as adding another channel to post to.

With Flockrush’s built-in SEO optimized blogging platform your social and blog posting can be fully integrated. Our blog platform is built on the latest JAMstack.org architecture to make sure you gain fast page load speeds and greater security, without any of the hassles of hosting or IT.

For legacy WordPress users we also integrate with WordPress.org and WordPress.com delivering your content via the Jetpack plugin.

Your success can be easily and effectively tracked with highly customizable social analytics dashboards to check all your key audience KPIs, including automated report scheduling to ensure you get insights delivered straight to your inbox when you need them.

With all these powerful tools working seamlessly together, Flockrush is the only content management platform that can support you through the entire process of content creation, distribution, and monetization.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Flockrush offers the most efficient platform on the market to build traffic, audiences and email lists through content discovery, curation and social amplification distribution technology. We enable a strategy built on two core insights that make Flockrush a unique content and social media management platform:

1) Topic based content is far more effective than branded content in leveraging social media

2) Generating sustained and high-quality traffic from interest-based blogs is more efficient than relying on post placement in social feeds

When it comes to effectiveness and efficiency, Flockrush is the number one solution.

We don't just provide the platform - we support marketers through our experienced team of experts and a wealth of resources that help our customers achieve great results.

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