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Integrate Flurry Analytics in five minutes to get basic insights into your users and app performance, or set up advanced analysis of complex events to get a deep understanding of everything your users are doing.

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What is Flurry Analytics?

Flurry Analytics is a mobile application analytics solution. Flurry Analytics can integrate into Android and iOS applications to track user engagement and offers data visualizations for easy interpretation.

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About Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a software that provides mobile application analytics, recording data that will ultimately allow users to optimize their apps. Flurry Analytics tracks users acquisition, actives users, user sessions, and allows users to compare data across different applications. To better interpret the mobile app data, Flurry Analytics provides visualizations and dashboards that are easily understood. Users of Flurry analytics can segment their user base to understand how to better retain customers. Understanding where users drop off the app can help developers build a better user experience and improve long term retention. Not only can Flurry Analytics track user interaction, but also provides predictive insights into the users gender and age, among other information. By combining all of this data with insights into in-app purchases, businesses can grow in-app sales opportunities. Additionally, Flurry Analytics offers mobile crash reporting. This is also helpful to developers so they can identify bugs or other issues that are causing the application to crash. By ensuring that crashes happen less it provides another opportunity to improve user experience.

Flurry Analytics Review Summary

Most Recent Flurry Analytics Review
It has nice funnels, but that's all I can say
For analyzing in-app actions I'd consider something like Amplitude. For crash reporting - that's might be what you need


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Funding and Acquisition History

Flurry was founded in 2005 by Daniel Scholnick, Gabriel Vanrenen, and Sean Byrnes, and currently has 17 employees according to LinkedIn. Flurry raised a total of eight funding rounds, with the first coming in March, 2007 for $3.5 million. In July, 2014 Yahoo acquired Flurry for $200 million. Yahoo and AOL Corporation eventually merged, creating Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon.

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Do you work for Flurry Analytics?