FOEX Plugin Framework


The FOEX Plugin Framework is an Enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool built on top of Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Sencha Ext JS.

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FOEX Plugin Framework Features

Application Design

UI Code Extending

Gives users the ability to edit or write custom HTML, Javascript or CSS code.

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Programming Code Extending

Allows users to edit or write custom code with programming languages.

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Customized Branding

Provides tools for inserting brand logos, colors, quotes, and other proprietary content.

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Application Templates

Provides base-level application templates to build atop and which users can customize for specifc users and actions.

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Allows the creation ofpage sequences, forms, and libraries for users navigating the application.

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Data Control

Data Migration

Lets users add data from existing sources when creating the initial application or changing data sources.

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Data Synchronization

Continuously updates data as users or external data sources are edited.

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Data Security

Encrypts or provides some form of firewall to prevent external parties from accessing sensitive data.

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Application Deployment

Releases the application for access on desktop or mobile devices.

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Platform Compatability

Lets users build cross-platform applications or provide specific templates for different device types.

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Lifecycle Management

Provides ability to manage application and maintenance from build, throughout the release, and until it's deactivation.

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