President, Client Strategy & Partnerships

    "For me personally, John Kaplan told me that I am the consciously competent leader and the sales process/interaction comes innately to me; however, what I love the best is that the Force Management framework now allows me to teach it to reps of all experience and increase their ability to ramp quickly."

    Rob D.
    Founder and CEO @ Critical Start

    Go To Market Transformation for Sales - Highly Recommended

    "* Integration with other parts of the organization (marketing, product management, technical team) * Quality of instruction * Quality of supporting materials, worksheets, interview guides, etc. * Ability to certify our internal people to teach the methodology and skills "

    Rob W.
    Inside Sales Manager at Threat Stack, Inc

    Best sales training I've ever received

    "The training was challenging, informative, and relevant throughout. It established a common vocabulary across all customer-facing positions to ensure consistency in qualification and messaging with pre and post-sales customers."

    Giulio M.
    Sales Enablement Director at Mimecast

    FM should be a requirement for all new hires

    "A clear structure that WORKS. The fact that we had to build it ourselves was critical to getting the buy in from executive level as well as from the reps themselves."

    Brett H.
    Helping Brand's Deliver Great Experiences

    Force Management has been nothing short of amazing. Their simplified approach has helped me results

    "Simplified structure, a playbook to help you win and retain the business at hand."

    Ryan R.
    Senior Sales and Marketing Analyst at ClickSoftware

    Force Management - awesome!

    "We really liked how they guided us through the entire process and really took the time to coach our team on the methodology. "

    Sarah B.
    European Director

    incredibly useful experience

    "Practical and interactive, very engaging"

    Cole O.
    Forecast Accuracy | Pipeline Visibility | Opportunity Management Challenges Solved Through Data Science

    Changed the game in Sales for me

    "A very clear and detailed company specific outline of what your company does, how they do it differently, and how to speak the same language from marketing to sales. Puts a very crisp edge on how your company competes and wins in the marketplace. Excellent presentation by Brian and his team as well. "

    John D.
    Executive Vice President, Global Sales at Qualtrics

    Force Management is the high impact, low risk choice. No nonsense with tons of experience

    "Deep, consistent, proven experience. Along with super high integrity people who really spend the time understanding our business"

    Simon N.
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Substantial and Measureable Results from our Partnership with Force Management

    "Force Management’s commitment to learning our business and implementing vital criteria, culture, and technological requirements to the process has been key to the success of our partnership. They know our business, and their knowledge of our sales and engineering processes has been key in defining our value messaging. Ultimately, this process has allowed us to articulate what differentiates..."

    Alin S.
    President at Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

    Fantastic Experience!

    "The Force Management team and how they interacted with our sales team."

    Ron E.
    Enterprise Account Executive at Dynatrace: The industry's Premier Digital Management Platform

    MEDDIC Convert

    "Value Menu/Cards presented simple, repeatable and proven methods that were customizable to our processes. The result was a quick time to value and a methodology that I’ve used in several orgs since. "

    Matt C.
    Chief Revenue Officer at Kinnser Software

    Chief Revenue Officer

    "The Force Management approach is much more than simply implementing a superior sales and qualification process, it is an entire operating model for effective sales management and consistent sales execution. They are the gold standard for a complete management operating rhythm and effective sales model that sticks!"

    Bob R.
    Board Member, Sales Advisor

    Game changing

    "A business partner fully aligned with us "

    Dale W.
    Passionate advocate for making lives better and businesses successful with Operational Customer Experience Management

    Winning sales methodology, terrific sales trainers - align to value to differentiate and win

    "How to pick? Their methodology is solid and proven and *works*. Their frameworks make it practical to teach at scale. Their team is engaging, credible, and effective. They're great to work with and truly effective. "

    Michael E.
    Enterprise Account Executive at Qualtrics

    ForceManagement Review

    "Understanding what our value drivers are and how to put together a compelling presentation"

    Paul L.
    Director of Sales Enablement at Tenfold

    Exceptional Results

    "Compared to other vendors in this space, Force Management strikes the perfect balance of providing structure, guidance, and best practices while still enabling the client to build it in their voice with focus on their customers' needs."

    Andy W.
    Hiring across all sales roles! DM me :)

    Force Management changed everything I do. World Class game changers!

    "Super relevant - FM clearly practice what they preach as their discovery process had uncovered real pains, challenges and goals of the revenue organisation. FM have expertise within the sectors they target. I felt like the team knew the business I was working for intimately. Every session was engaging and inspiring. I am sure all of the leads in the FM team are exceptional, but, we had..."

    Daniel W.
    Sales Director at Qualtrics

    Incredibly well done sales and leadership training program

    "There were so many frameworks that are easy to understand and use."