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FortiGate offers a network security platform, designed to deliver threat protection and performance with reduced complexity.

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FortiGate Features

Asset Management

Lets users group and organize their endpoints to gather threat intelligence on specific technologies.

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Security Workflow Automation

Reduces the need for IT and security professionals to iterate repetitive tasks associated with gathering threat information.

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The process in which users integrate their existing security systems and endpoints to the threat intelligence platform.

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A feature that allows security testing and information gathering to occur in a secure, resource independent environment.

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Proactive Alerts

Prior to security incidents, the product will alert users when a new, relevant vulnerability or threat is discovered.

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Malware Detection

Provides multiple techniques and information sources to alert users of malware occurrences.

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Intelligence Reports

The ability for users to produce reports outlining detailed and personalized threat information

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Endpoint Intelligence

Analysis for users to examine threat intelligence data specific to their endpoint devices.

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Security Validation

The product has a recurring examination process to update your intelligence reports as new threats emerge.

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Dynamic/Code Analysis

The ability to examine your application, website, or database's code to uncover zero-day vulnerabilities.

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