Fresh Press Media Marketplace

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Fresh Press Media is an influencer marketplace designed to help bloggers and social media influencers turn valuable content into a source of income, without compromising their style, voice, or integrity.

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Fresh Press Media Marketplace Features

Media Database

Provides tools to help identify and house media oppurtunties and potential influencers.

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Contact/Campaign Management

Allows users to manage campaigns, as well and media opportunities and influencer information.

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Provides a centralized hub for all media opportunities and current news regarding relevant influencers.

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Media Distribution

Gives visability into multiple media channels, allowing for optimal media exposure.

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PR Planner

Helps the public relations process with planning tools to capatilize on media opportunities.

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Social Media Services

Provides tools that help engage influencers and increase media contacts.

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Provides analysis on media and influencer contacts, as well as the effectiveness of each action.

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Response Desk

Helps respond to media inquires through automation features.

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Impact Measurement

Measures the full impact of campaigns, as well as each individual influencer and media opportunity.

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User Rights/Roles
Version Control

Helps establish a permissions workflow, allowing and restricting access to different company materials.

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Team Collaboration

Gives visability and allows team members to communicate effectively and collaboratively.

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