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Deliver exceptional customer support and make your customers happy with the Freshdesk app for iOS. With all the features of a helpdesk now in your pocket, you can answer customer queries from your iPhone, and resolve issues even when you are away from your desk. The mobile app lets you assign requests, categorize them and send out canned responses with just a few clicks. It also keeps you notified of incoming tickets by sending you push notifications.

Freshdesk is an online customer support software that lets you support your customers across channels like email, phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter, and your website.

Key Features

1. Get a quick overview of your helpdesk. Access all the tickets
2. Use filters to prioritize what tickets you should work on
3. Never miss an update with push notifications
4. Change ticket details like priorities, agents assigned, status and others
5. Race through routine actions with one-click scenario automations
6. Add watchers to a ticket
7. Delete tickets and block spam right from your phone
8. Answer support calls and save them as tickets to your helpdesk*
9. Log time spent on a ticket
10. Associate all your Twitter accounts with your support portal and create search streams on the web. Manage them all on the phone via the social tab

*You should have enabled phone channel on your account first to make and answer support calls on your phone

- "Freshdesk is our primary digital way of talking with our customers. We always know where a question is and we now can act when a customer isn't responded to in time. We recommend it because of the great software and their will to make it fit their customer's needs. They're open-minded and are really listening to their customers" - Matthijs Lok, Pearson

- "Freshdesk is an enterprise level ticketing system at a fraction of the price of other systems currently on the market. Their innovative approach and rapid development means that new features seem to be appearing every day and the best thing of all is that they actually listen and respond to featured requests." - Scott bowler, Localiiz

*Ratings and description from App Store
Android Freshdesk App



With the Freshdesk app, you can do everything you need to make customers happy on-the-go. You can work on your tickets, make and receive calls from customers and monitor Twitter streams, right from your phone. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR TICKETSGet notified when you receive new tickets and responses, status updates and more wherever you are. Edit properties, respond to customers with canned responses and add notes on-the-move. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CUSTOMERSEverything you need to know about your customers - from their addresses, phone numbers, custom fields and recent tickets - is just a tap away.MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS FROM ANYWHEREPick calls from customers, transfer them to your colleagues, convert them to tickets and even listen to your past calls with phone channel support. AND MORESee when someone else is responding to the same ticket as you are, share tickets with any other app on your phone, and do a lot more.

*Ratings and description from Google Play Store

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