A Marketer's Silver Bullet

    "It's the age of the customer, let's face it. Which means as marketers we must embrace the voice of our customers to build brand and drive demand. G2Crowd Marketing Solutions not only allow us to manage a branded profile - host assets for download and offer various CTAs for lead gen purposes, but they also help in ensuring your company follows best practices when it comes to recruiting and..."

    Vitaly P.
    Co-founder / COO at StackAdapt

    Helped us skyrocket our credibility

    "The depth of criteria that G2 Crowd puts together the reports are very granular and thorough. For an underdog brand like ourselves, this credibility was invaluable. The team was super helpful in helping navigate the product and strategize with execution on our end. "

    Ashley E.
    Senior Campaign Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    If you aren't working with G2 Crowd, you should be!

    "I really enjoy working with G2 Crowd for a few reasons, one of them being their customer support. The team at G2 Crowd has worked hand in hand with Certify to create custom content to better suit our needs and help position Certify stronger in the selling process. From a technology standpoint, I really value the competitive analysis aspect of G2 Crowd. The fact that a prospect can search..."

    Greg B.
    Content Management | Contracts Management| Venture-Backed Startup | SaaS | Cloud Technology | Financial Strategies

    Terrific results from exposure on the G2Crowd web site

    "We are seeing great prospects and customers coming to G2Crowd for unbiased opinions and reviews that help SpringCM get off to a great start in a sales or upsell cycle. For instance one of our largest deals closing this quarter will come from a prospect that was not engaged with us previously that went first to G2Crowd, then contacted us through www.springcm.com and signed for a multi-six..."

    Britt S.
    Co-Founder at Superneat Marketing | Content Strategist | Author

    Easy Breezy Solution with Phenomenal Support

    "G2 Crowd is an intelligent solution that's easy to use. Any busy software company will be able to get started quickly—and there is plenty of help along the way from the G2 Crowd team to optimize your listing. The G2 Crowd review formatting is so much better than other platforms, set up in a way that encourages lengthy feedback. Reviews we see here from our happy customers are always super..."

    Todd G.
    Senior Marketing Manager (Global) at Bazaarvoice

    Great tool and exceptional support

    "G2's marketing solution is a great tool to ensure your company provides potential customers with the kind of useful information that guides them to a well-educated decision. From the start, G2 provides excellent support in getting you ramped up and helping you to understand all the features, benefits and how to operate all the tools to make sure you're taking full advantage of everything at..."

    Katie D.
    Digital Marketing Manager

    G2 Crowd for IBM WCE

    "I thoroughly enjoy the G2 Crowd tool. It's very easy to use and navigate. I recently set up close to 10 pages for my organization and everything was very seamless."

    Kevin L.
    Head of Customer Advocacy @Marketo | Customer Advocacy | Customer Marketing | Social Media Mastery | Event Marketing |

    G2crowd is a must have for finding the voice of your customers

    "I've used G2crowd now for over 3 years at different companies and we continue to utilize them as a trusted vendor because of the ability to gather feedback from clients quickly and easily. By running review campaigns we can uncover what areas of focus we need for our product and how to identify new advocates for our programs. The grid reports also help us stay relevant to our competitors and..."

    Steve T.
    CMO - Chief Marketing Officer at RealVNC

    Best Tech Review Site on the Internet

    "G2 Crowd provides a very impartial and fully verified technology software review forum. The technology sections are well defined and nicely summarized. Overall, it's very professional and you can actually count on the review provided since they can't be manipulated by the vendors. Really like the way that we can embed the review widgets on our own website with links to our optimized landing..."

    Ajit U.
    B2B sales and marketing expert

    One of the best peer review sites for B2B SaaS solutions

    "G2 Crowd provided the best onboarding experience compared to some of the other peer review sites I have used. Our dedicated account manager and implementation specialist worked with us through every step ensuring that we were leveraging all that G2 Crowd has to offer."

    Judy T.
    Marketing Manager | Humble. Hungry. Happy

    Very Useful Platform - Think "Yelp for Business/Enterprise Software"

    "It's a great resource if you're looking for honest reviews on a software solution. You can read through both the good and bad about a particular offering, so that you can walk into purchase decisions much better informed. "

    Rachel M.
    I help organizations increase their revenue with content that engages, educates, and excites.

    A great investment to build trust and credibility

    "I like how easy it is to run reviews campaigns and leverage the tools in your listing to market you business. Have our listings on G2 Crowd has helped us tremendously in building trust and credibility with out prospects and close more business."