G2 Crowd Review Platform

G2 Crowd Review Platform

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G2 Crowd is the first source for trusted business software ratings and reviews. Crowd sourced alternative to traditional tech analyst firms.

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About G2 Crowd Review Platform

Compare the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data.

We are creating a motivated community of real users sharing real reviews in real time. New insights based on authentic reviews encourage informed decisions and collective learning so businesses can buy technology in much the same way that consumers buy based on peer reviews on sites such as Amazon and Yelp.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

G2 Crowd has 4x the number of reviews of any other business software review site. In addition, we ask over 60 detailed questions in the reviews that enable G2 Crowd to create comprehensive qualitative reports based on user data that compare product features / benefits.

G2 Crowd
B2B buyers seek trusted peer advice to make buying decisions. G2 Crowd’s review platform and marketing solutions make it easy for B2B buyers to get valuable insights. Whether you’re doing research or selling a product or service, G2 Crowd is a must-have for business professionals.
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G2 Crowd Review Platform
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