1. Thomas J. C.

    Systems Manager at Hollister Staffing

    Great way to learn more about a wide variety of software products...

    "I like that the reviews are from actual users, not necessarily people who do reviews for a living. As a result, I feel like the reviews carry more weight. To hear what both very technical and not-so-technical people think about a given product is very valuable to me. I like that there's many different perspectives on the same product, all contained in one easy-to-use site. I also like..."
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  2. Dakota M.

    Corporate Sales Manager

    Recommended for gaining visibility in B2B Marketing efforts

    "It showcases a wide range of vendors with unbiased and helpful reviews for evaluating solutions within your organization. This helps companies accelerate their marketing efforts and sales cycles when shared effectively. The smart grid is also a really great way to show how your company is perceived in the market place. Quarterly reports are very detailed and are helpful overviews for..."
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  3. Steve B.

    Director of Sales, Data Solutions at Caliber Technologies

    New to G2 ad a great resource

    "G2 crowd is a great resources for learning about different solutions and products that could improve my role within my company. There are many tools available and being able to pick the best tool for the job is very important. It is nice to see what others think about the tools, how they are implementing it, and how they believe those tools could be improved. There are lots of product details..."
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  4. Josepf H.

    Director of #SocialSEO, SEO & Social Media. Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Reputation Management, Online Marketing.

    Smart Reviews by Knowledgeable People | Worth our time to keep it clean!

    "Reminds me of WWF Cage Matches in a good way! I love the head to head comparisons and how G2 Crowd will sort out your options in a BCG type matrix. The reviews come from real hands-on users and the experience shines through. The review base is expanding and I appreciate how easy it is to set-up whole new categories of interest."
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  5. User in Computer Software

    Extremely Innovative Product

    "This is the first site I have ever found that offers ratings for businesses to use on major project related applications. It is easy to use, and easy to root out the bad posts. The idea itself has been implementing extremely well, and every time I login I am able to see the enhancements the G2 team implemented."
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