<span>Jeff H.</span>
    Jeff H.
    Executive Director, Business Development/Digital Solution Architecture

    Great motivation for our teams

    "I've been very impressed with GamEffective's ability to go beyond dashboards to drive employee engagement on their hourly performance metrics. The ability to customize content and KPI weights based on seasonality aligns very well with our environment."

    <span>Ron R.</span>
    Ron R.
    Coaching Manager at Rogers Communications

    Piloting GamEffective in our department - a review based on my opinion

    "Working with Anna, and the team at Gameffective was very enjoyable. They were always on hand to help with any questions about their application, and had a lot of great ideas to help us build engagement and utilize the tool to its fullest. "

    <span>Sara H.</span>
    Sara H.
    Training Project Leader at Trane

    GamEffective makes learning easy and fun!

    "The people! Monique and Itamar are outstanding to work with. they are always looking for ways to increase engagement, be more creative, and think outside the box. "

    <span>Derrick P.</span>
    Derrick P.
    Director of Enrollment at Colorado State University-Global Campus

    Gamification Evolved

    "The e-learning elements are what drove me to select GamEffective. This focus on employee development was missing from other options I had explored. "

    <span>Allan M.</span>
    Allan M.
    Regional Training Manager at SYKES LATAM

    Enhancing the Learning Experience!

    "GamEffective has helped us enhance our Learning and On-Boarding Experience, I love how dynamic, intuitive, user-friendly the platform is. Support is definitely a strong point as well, the team is committed and always there to help. It is very nice how you can customize your own content, create new activities using templates and plug and play tools, the mobile application is also a plus. The..."

    <span>Zevik H.</span>
    Zevik H.
    VP Projects at CloudTech 

    The Best Gamfication platform on Salesforce!

    "The action events and dashboards are the best I've seen. The charts are as interactive as it gets and getting salesforce data in them is helpful."

    <span>ANGIE P.</span>
    ANGIE P.
    Recovery Program Lead at Afni, Inc.

    The experience has been enjoyable and exciting.

    "I love that we can customize the games to fit our needs. The team has been a pleasure to work with and is always available to assist. They have great ideas to help create a buzz with our staff and teams."

    <span>Chris D.</span>
    Chris D.

    Excellent solution for marrying operational goals to what clients care most about.

    "Single sign on to application via our current CRM platform, Salesforce"