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Gatekeeper is a contract and vendor management solution that helps companies gain maximum value from signed agreements, reduce costs, and minimise business risks.

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Gatekeeper Details Provided by: Patrick O.

Gatekeeper Details Provided by: Patrick O'Connor

Director at Gatekeeper
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About Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is a simple to use, cloud based Supplier and Contract Management solution designed to solve common business problems in today’s fast-moving landscape.

Modern workplaces are in a constant state of flux. Companies are bought. Departments merge. Staff move on.

Businesses and their growth are built on the foundations of contracts and supplier relationships, yet most organisations still struggle with fundamental questions that need immediate and accurate answers:

-How many contracts do we have?
-When do these contracts renew?
-How much will these contracts cost?
-Where are the contract copies?
-Am I getting the agreed prices?
-When was the last time this contract was negotiated?
-Is this supplier a risk to our organisation?
-What termination options do we have?

Gatekeeper was designed to solve these problems and more. Built for the cloud, Gatekeeper allows you to store all supplier and contract data centrally.

Our built in communication platform stores all messages to and from suppliers in a fully searchable audit trail - keeping your company and your team in control - even in a changing landscape.

Here are some of the benefits of using Gatekeeper:

Supplier Management
Manage supplier data and relationships in one central place, across your team. View supplier information, document, contracts, track compliance and send email requests directly from inside the application.

Contract Management
A central searchable repository of all contracts and renewals dates. Clarify ownership and store all messages and key documentation - all in one place, always up to date, company-wide.

Mobile Device Support
Access all features from any tablet or smartphone.

Renewals Management
Receive alerts and graphical reports to proactively manage your upcoming contract renewals.

Cost Reduction Tools
Reporting, consolidation and workflow tools to reduce your Supplier costs.

Risk & Action Tracking
Manage risks, compliance, RAG status and KPI’s using simple and powerful action tracking and reporting.

Analytics Suite
Gain clarity over renewals, spend, risk, compliance and user activity - across your company or entire group.

Collaboration Tools
Collaborate with colleagues and suppliers with built in messaging and workflow features. Send messages linked to specific suppliers and contracts to centralise knowledge and current status across the team.

Custom Data
Tailor Gatekeeper to your exact needs using our intuitive, flexible and powerful custom data features.

Procurement Best Practice
Leverage best practice tool sets, templates and resources.

Seamless Integration
Gatekeeper is integrated with Google Apps, Google Drive, Box.com, Enterprise DMS platforms, ERP (SAP, Oracle, Navision, Agresso), Single Sign on (SAML 2.0, Okta, OneLogin), e-Signature (Echosign, Hellosign) and many more.

Set a reporting currency and enter contracts and spend in any currency - all with total control over exchange rates inline with your corporate standards.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Gatekeeper prides itself on delivering not only an intuitive and dynamic solution but also incredible levels of customer service. We care deeply about the success of our customers' businesses and focus on ensuring that Gatekeeper delivers the expected benefits and beyond. We're responsive to changing customer requirements and have built out the feature set of our product by working closely with our valued partners to make sure they continue to get value from Gatekeeper as they mature.

We only want to work with customers that we're positive we can help be successful and won't simply push through a sale for the sake of it. We're patient, conscientious and 100% focused on customer success.

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