Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud

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Supercharge your contact center with an all-in-one omnichannel customer engagement solution that’s powerful and easy to use, and built on the Genesys PureCloud platform –the first distributed, multitenant, enterprise-grade cloud platform for the multiple use cases of collaboration, communications and customer engagement. Genesys PureCloud helps you accelerate business impact, deliver consistent outcomes and innovate the customer and agent experiences.

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Genesys PureCloud Features

Inbound CCI Features
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Intelligently route calls to the agent most qualified to handle the customer's needs. ACD can route calls either through pre-determined rules or advanced call distribution algorithms.

(Based on 54 reviews)
Call Summary Notes

Provide agents with notes or context information about a call. These notes can include information such as caller disposition or contact history.

(Based on 48 reviews)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Use touch-tone signaling or voice recognition to automate the retrieval and processing of caller information by phone. Administrators can configure the IVR with multiple branches to improve the identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to qualified agents.

(Based on 54 reviews)
Call Routing

Route calls to the most appropriate agent according to a series of factors, including the time of day, customer priority, IVR outcomes, and skill-based routing (SBR). Voicemails can be routed to agents during quiet call periods.

(Based on 56 reviews)
Call Queuing

Callers can be routed to a queue or placed on hold until an agent becomes available.

(Based on 56 reviews)
Outbound CCI Features
Regulatory Compliance

Import and manage do not call (DNC) requests in order to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations.

(Based on 33 reviews)
Concurrent Calling

Place a large or unlimited volume of calls simultaneously without diminishing the call quality.

(Based on 47 reviews)
Dialing Tools

Automate calling with tools such as predictive dialing in order to maximize agent productivity. Determine a call-to-agent ratio that automatically places the optimal number of calls to place to reduce abandonment rates.

(Based on 50 reviews)

Allow agents to place calls directly from business applications such as CRMs, contact center workforce solutions, or customer websites without having to manually dial numbers.

(Based on 41 reviews)
Call Recording & Playback

Record calls to access or evaluate at a later time to ensure quality standards are met, and pause recording of live calls if necessary.

(Based on 48 reviews)
Pop-up Chat

Enables a popup chat window on company websites to encourage interaction between website visitors and designated company representatives.

(Based on 5 reviews)

Delivers notifications to both sides of the conversation.

(Based on 5 reviews)
Targeted Emails

Sends automated emails to further engage clients and potential clients.

Not enough data available

In-App Messaging

Allows for live chat to be enabled within the app for customer help.

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CCI Platform Features
Custom Toll-Free Numbers

Purchase local or international toll-free numbers to call customers from familiar numbers, and let customers easily call local numbers that can then be routed to specific agents according to geography.

(Based on 34 reviews)
Contact Database Management

Capture and manage contact information, either through an internal database or a CRM system.

(Based on 40 reviews)
Administrator Access

Manage call records and agent tasks through administrative features. Provide agents with guidance during live calls, and interrupt calls with call barging to ensure customer satisfaction, if necessary.

(Based on 51 reviews)
Reporting & Dashboards

Report on historical or real-time call center performance metrics, and access data through highly visual dashboards.

(Based on 56 reviews)
Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

Link agent computer terminals to the ACD system to provide access to features such as click-to-call, CRM integration, and screen pops. Screen pops notify agents of incoming calls and provide call summary notes before the call is answered.

(Based on 46 reviews)
Internal Use

Not enough data available

Conversation Archiving

Archives conversations in a separate location for later reference.

Not enough data available

Lead Development

Enables employees to denote potential customers.

Not enough data available

Knowledge Base

Establishes a knowledge base for employee reference during conversations.

Not enough data available

Team Inbox

Provides a central location for help requests, helping employees respond sooner.

Not enough data available

Customer Profiles

Allows for the creation of profiles for contacts and customers.

Not enough data available