Google App Engine

3.9 out of 5 stars

Google App Engine offers users the ability to build and host web applications on Google's infrastructure. Supercharge your app with services such as Task Queue, XMPP, and Cloud SQL. Manage your app with a simple, web-based dashboard allowing you to customize app performance.

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Google App Engine Features

Application Deployment

Provides tools for building, deploying, or integrating source code into hosted application.

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Development Tools

Provides tools for writing code, editing code, syntax, debugging, or utilizing frameworks.

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Development Environment

Provides tools for sharing code, tracking progress, and shipping software.

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Language Support

Supports programming languages such as Java, C, or Python. Support for front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Tests the functionality of a software application. Detects and diagnoses issues in application.

Database Management

Lets developers manage database services. Provides support for different types of databases and integration methods.


Lets users analyze deployment, user, storage, and business metrics.

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Auto Scaling

Provides tools or bots that scale services and data automatically or on demand.

Backup / Recovery

Stores versions of application and data or incrementally backs up data.

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Provides scalable cloud storage for different forms of data. Store analytics and records for reporting.

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Allows users to provision networks, deliver content, balance loads, and manage traffic.

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Virtual Machines

Provides virtual networks and operating systems.

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Secures applications, encrypt data, and manage identities.

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