The cockpit for the marketing of your advertisement spaces. From offer preparation to invoicing. goTom is the contemporary and efficient solution for managing your digital advertising campaigns.

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goTom Features

Channel Functionality

Display Functionality

Overall product functionality for display advertising.

(Based on 9 reviews)

Video Functionality

Video Functionality

Overall product functionality for video advertising.


Mobile Functionality

Mobile Functionality

Overall product functionality for mobile advertising.

(Based on 6 reviews)

Inventory Management

Ad Unit Bundling

Allows publisher to create sales-friendly packages of ad units.

(Based on 5 reviews)

Insertion Order Management

Tools to manage insertion orders and view which ad units have been sold.

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Ad Unit Creation

Publishers can set up, classify, and manage different ad units to display on their site.

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Campaign Management

Impression Forecasting

Predicts the amount of impressions an ad campaign will receive within a given time.

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Target who sees an ad or ad campaign based on demographics, location, technographic, or content being displayed.

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Ad Capping

Set limits on ads or ad campaigns such as click caps or conversion caps.

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Creative Upload

Allows publisher to easily upload ad creative into ad units.

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Creative Preview

Preview the advertising creative before it is published.


Rich Media Capabilities

Supports rich media display and video ads that involve user interaction.



API / Integrations

Application Programming Interface - Specification for how the application communicates with other software such as other ad servers, DSPs, DMPs, etc.

(Based on 6 reviews)

Reporting and Dashboards

Customized reports created by the user to cater to specific metrics and key performance indicators.

(Based on 9 reviews)

User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.

(Based on 8 reviews)

Performance and Reliability

Software is consistently available (uptime) and allows users to complete tasks quickly because they are not waiting for the software to respond to an action they took.

(Based on 9 reviews)

Enterprise Scalability

Provides features to allow scaling for large organizations.

(Based on 6 reviews)

Workflow Capability

Automates and simplifies communication between different roles within the ad operations team such as ad sales, scheduler, billing, etc.

(Based on 7 reviews)


Publishers can use the ad server in multiple languages and sell ads using multiple currencies.

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