Goverlan Reach

Goverlan Reach

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Complex IT Systems Management Made Easy. Get broad-scope, enterprise-level administration of your users & machines along with industry standard encryption & security. Empower your IT staff with instant access to real-time information and tools to address issues quickly, efficiently and dynamically.

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Goverlan Reach Features

Threat Detection

Collects and curates data insight about the performance and health of a company's system.

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Usage Information

Offers visibility into employee device activity

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Allows for integration of support, chat, diagnostic or other IT management tools

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Provides administrators with performance information to

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Session Recording

Provides the ability to record remote access and support sessions

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Session Transfer

Allows remote access and support sessions to be transferred between users

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Unattended Access

Allows administrators access to devices, regardless of end-user's presence

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File Sharing

Allows remote users to share files with other remote users

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Unified Communications Platform

Facilitates communication between users and administrators.

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Remote Access

Allows end users to remotely access to company's IT database.

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ITIL Policy Compliance

Helps organizations establish, implement, and adhere to ITIL regulation.

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Asset Tracking

Tracks IT assets and financial data.

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IT Knowledge Management

Integrates all IT service support functions for consistency and accuracy.

Cross-Platform Access

Allows remote usage and access across a range of operating systems and device types

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Mobile Device Access

Allows remote desktop administrators access to connected mobile devices

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Applicatons Management

Centrally manages, configures, and oversees applications on employee devices

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Remote Device Control

Allows administators to take control of a connected endpoint device

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Endpoint Protection

Allows the IT team to oversee all possible endpoints in a single source of reference.

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Patch Management

Automates the updating of security measures on enterprise devices.

(Based on 27 reviews)
Disaster Recovery

Provides cloud backup or disaster recovery solution to protect enterprise data and applications.

Service Management

Utilizes data to proactively identify and prioritize IT issues.

(Based on 25 reviews)
Workflow Management

Creates new or streamlines existing workflows to better handle IT support tickets and service.

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Remote Wipe

Enable the remote locking down and encryption of employee devices

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Device Management

Unifies endpoint management of employee devices

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Device Enrollment

Registers employee-owned or company-distributed devices for IT access

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