<span>James B.</span>
    James B.

    Excellent product - powerful and easy

    "Simplicity of operation is very high for such a feature-packed product."

    Administrator in Financial Services
    Administrator in Financial Services

    IT Manager...

    "I like that Goverlan is able to provide me with all information about a workstation of server and also that with Goverlan Reach I am now able to remote into workstations at our remote offices or when our users are working from home. I like that I can manage active directory objects (computers, users and groups) from goverlan. I like that I can run automated jobs from goverlan and have it email..."

    <span>Mike A.</span>
    Mike A.


    "Everything, the ability to remote access an end users session in real time has been a huge time saver. The Price is extremely reasonable, worth every penny. Support was amazing, very easy to understand training videos and documents, support staff were very quick to respond and solve any issues I had. Overall just an amazing experience."


    Goverlan Reach

    "I like the ease of use. I've used other RMM products and they come with a substantial learning curve. Goverlan was very straight forward to use right out of the box."


    Awesome program for Helpdesk support

    "The best part of Goverlan is how easy it is to use. It can pull computer names from AD and keeps a "history" of the programs installed on a computer as well as its basic info (RAM, HDD/SSD Free...)"


    Goverlan for remote access

    "The ability to gather any information I need about an end users computer from one location, as well as perform remote installs of software and printers makes my work simpler than with other remote software tools. "


    Great Product

    "The ability to see what programs are installed, view event viewer, and remote control the pc. Can also look at the files and folder on the hard drive. The ability to restart or power off the pc remotely. Easily delete files and/or folders from the hard drive."


    Easy to use and all the tools that I need

    "I love the fact that this program is easy to use, the interface is very intuitive, and he has all the tools that I need to perform my work. The remote features and the integration we active directory makes this a very good program for us."

    <span>Pete D.</span>
    Pete D.
    Chief Information Officer at Seelye Auto Group

    Excellent! Love the Product

    "Ease of use and the technical support is the best. Easy to manage computers on our private network. Easy to make almost any configuration changes on a client PC. Love the Process Automation, it makes our job much easier. Easy access to local drives, printer settings, Remote Control...We love just about everything Goverlan has to offer."

    <span>Bem M.</span>
    Bem M.

    Robust functions

    "Able to manage Active directory functions Able to remote to users that are working from home Able to gather information on the user's computer Able to map network drives on a workstation without remoting in to that workstation. "

    <span>Bruce L.</span>
    Bruce L.
    Network and Systems Specialist

    Software is beyond any other remote control/assist software out there

    "Easy to use Great feature set that doesn't need to be done when in a remote session Able to add printers and map network drives with ease Installing software Creating reports of current users on the system and the ability to rerun these reports on a daily basis "

    <span>Brian F.</span>
    Brian F.
    IT Manager at American, Inc.

    Comprehensive tool for endpoint management

    "Process automation is the primary reason this tool is so powerful, without requiring a time consuming investment in scripting for one-off tasks. The remote management feature is quite handy, but not unique until combined with the automation. The Reach Server component is now both the RMM gateway and an important logging and reporting tool - what was good in previous versions is now..."

    <span>Eric P.</span>
    Eric P.
    IS&D System Administrator at Hycomp Inc.

    Great remote support product

    "Goverlan Reach is a program that is easy to use, quick to give great details, and great to manage multiple computers with. I can see my computers, who is on them, have access to the Task Manager for quick fixes for problem software and push out software to a computer."

    <span>Ken M.</span>
    Ken M.
    Manager, Enterprise Services at DeKalb County Schools and Owner, Joboo Entertainment Services (DJ)

    Goverlan in Education

    "The intergration of the product with Active Directory. It is very easy for us to find a user and what computer(s) they are logged into to resolve the issue. Love the remote desktop intergration."

    <span>Todd P.</span>
    Todd P.
    VBA Analyst / Developer

    Goverlan gets it right

    "The best feature for us has been the Goverlan Task Manager"

    <span>Tomasz K.</span>
    Tomasz K.
    spec w firmie PROFILE Human Resources Consulting

    Very good product

    "Very simple using. It's really fast, but version 8.0 was faster."

    <span>Ryan P.</span>
    Ryan P.
    IT Manager at Swagelok Edmonton Valve & Fitting Inc.

    IT Manager

    "Easy control and Power shell Auto scripting"

    <span>Jeff G.</span>
    Jeff G.
    Network Specialist

    Great all-in-one tool

    "seamlessly supporting from virtually everywhere"

    <span>Matthew F.</span>
    Matthew F.
    Aegis System Administrator at County of Manitowoc

    Feature Rich Client Management

    "The array of remote management tools that allow for changes behind the scenes"

    <span>Christian R.</span>
    Christian R.
    Computer Information Systems Specialist at United Nations

    Best remote control app ever

    "The silent mode and the all type connections aailable"