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Graphite GTC

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The Graphite GTC platform is a no-code platform built for the development of enterprise class applications.

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What is Graphite GTC?

Graphite GTC delivers a productivity–enabling platform across all industries, developing and delivering secure, scalable & enterprise class applications.

Our team of engineers and business professionals spent over half a decade innovating, designing, and crafting the Graphite GTC Platform. Our platform is a thoughtful and complete graphical development environment designed to give our customers a better approach to delivering and developing the best applications.

The Graphite Platform provides the capabilities to build mission critical enterprise applications while encouraging good software design principles, without coding.

By using shapes and flowcharts, the Graphite Graphite Studio enables users to create complex back-end processes through the use of straightforward, easy to understand flowcharts.

Graphite GTC applications are built with standard technologies and database models, giving complete access to pure source code. Once the project is built, developers have access to the project in its entirety.

Graphite GTC generates standard source code that runs on any stack including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, without the use of proprietary runtime environments.

Generated applications adhere to the latest web development security best practices and have attained 0 error ratings when run through industry leading security threat analysis platforms. Applications are developed visually, encompassing everything from core systems to generating perfectly written 3rd generation language, removing hand coding effort altogether, providing a more secure development method.

Graphite GTC Details Provided by: Kubarius K.

Graphite GTC Details Provided by: Kubarius Kerner

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