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GreenRope is a complete CRM, marketing automation, and more. Integrated software that consolidates & simplifies your organization's sales, marketing and operations.

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GreenRope's Complete CRM helps you organize and manage all of your contacts, while streamlining the sales process and giving you a more rounded view of your leads and customers. GreenRope's built-in marketing automation platform bridges the gap between sales and marketing to make marketing your business more effective. Create, execute and track your efforts all from one platform, including email marketing, landing pages, campaigns, website management, email marketing, social media, and more.

GreenRope Details Provided by: Alessandra C.

GreenRope Details Provided by: Alessandra Ceresa

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GreenRope is your one-stop shop to help you with sales, marketing, and operations. GreenRope includes advanced marketing automation capabilities, sales force automation, and a tool box of features to help manage and operate your business.

GreenRope is a company built around providing exceptional value to our customers. In the past 14 years, we have evolved from being one of the first email marketing service providers to being the only Complete CRM on the market. Combining sales, marketing, and operations in to a single platform, GreenRope inspires collaboration with your clients, vendors, and employees and we live this collaborative culture, listening to people like you to build what YOU want to run your business.

GreenRope's Complete CRM helps business owners, sales managers and marketers bridge the gap between departments and make data accessible throughout, so your business runs smoothly and effectively with all the information a team needs to better target and serve their leads and customers.

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GreenRope provides an alternative to other more expensive CRM and marketing automation platforms. GreenRope's Complete and Intelligent CRM fully integrates sales, marketing, events, and operations into one easy-to-use and affordable system. Get the best business intelligence for your business, including full suite of tools including, website integration, predictive analytics, advanced marketing automation, social media, and more all backed by cutting-edge technology. Every account comes with unlimited users, 24/7 support, and access to the GreenRope Knowledge Base. Save time and money and increase your revenue when you streamline with a completely integrated platform, so that you can cut software costs, and increase productivity by utilizing one platform that does it all.

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