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Gryphon Networks

Gryphon Networks

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Gryphon automatically captures and analyzes all sales activity from any phone and turns it into actionable insight. Understand the behaviors that get results with 100 % accuracy through real time visibility into your rep’s phone -based activity from any location. Our targeted speech analytics identifies the techniques and phrases used by your top performers allowing sales leaders to raise the performance of every rep on their team.

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Do you know what your sales reps are doing right now? Where they are and how many calls they are making? What if you had those answers? The Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard provides total visibility, actionable intelligence and pattern recognition to aid you with the knowledge for smarter decision making.

Gryphon Networks Details Provided by: Eric E.

Gryphon Networks Details Provided by: Eric Esfahanian

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About Gryphon Networks

The information shared via telephone conversations with clients and prospects is one of the most valuable assets that a company can leverage. To accommodate the growing need for sales team visibility, Gryphon developed a Sales and Marketing Effectiveness System, which provides sales managers actionable insights into the phone-based activities of reps from any phone, anywhere through a single pane of glass.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Through innovative cloud-based telephony, Gryphon Sales Intelligence captures all call activity, regardless of location or phone type. The Sales Performance Dashboard can be quickly implemented with very little IT involvement and gives sales managers peace of mind with accurate performance metrics available on demand.

The way that this works is through Gryphon’s patented “in-network” technology, which places the service in the path of any outbound or inbound call that an agent makes. All details related to every call (including stereo call recordings) are captured within Gryphon’s Secure Cloud and made available for analysis in real-time.

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