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Guru is reinventing knowledge sharing, providing verified information from experts on your team: where you work and when you need it most.

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Basic overview of key Guru functionality and our integration with your CRM

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Guru helps companies centralize their team knowledge so that everyone is on the same page. Here are five key things our customers love about Guru:

1. We provide a browser extension so your team has 1 click access to all the knowledge they need without having to change windows.

2. Guru automatically reminds experts to re-verify their content to ensure it won't get stale or become inaccurate. All content in Guru clearly indicates who verifies its accuracy, the last time it was verified and how often it gets reviewed. Your team will trust the information they find in Guru.

3. As your team uses apps such as your CRM, Guru will suggest contextually relevant content. For example, Guru can push relevant competitive positioning, sales assets and role-specific messaging to sales reps as they are viewing an opportunity in their CRM or a person in LinkedIn. Check out our video demo below showing this in action.

4. Your client-facing teams will always get an answer with Guru, thanks to our Q&A workflow. If a sales rep searches Guru and doesn't find an answer, they can immediately ask a teammate or group the question. The answer then automatically becomes new content in Guru for the benefit of the whole team.

5. Our analytics tells you which content is leveraged the most, and who is engaged in Guru, so you can measure the impact Guru has on your team, and the gaps in your sales enablement strategy.

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