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Humanity enables your business to build flexible staff schedules, capture and track timesheets, and pay your employees. Increase workforce productivity and engagement by generating conflict-free work schedules and time clocks that can be managed on both Web and Mobile devices. Communicate with your workforce through your choice of email, SMS, or App Notifications to ensure your staff always has the most up-to-date information. Integrate your schedule and time clock data with your Payroll provider to save time and reduce errors.

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Humanity gives you the ability to tailor your workforce management solution to fit your needs. We can customize our solution to work for almost any scheduling use-case. Our Forecasting and Rules-Based scheduling engine will help you eliminate errors and optimize both Revenues and Expenses. Enable Clock-In/Out from Web, Mobile, Terminals, POS, Biometrics, or Facial Recognition. Ensure your staff is always up to date on their schedule and location through our Communication tools.

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