Easy to use and Great time saver

    "I like that it is online and we don't have to print schedules. The schedules are accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.. The staff has listened to any ideas we have to upgrade the performance of the software for the user. All the enhancements have been great. Super easy to schedule. I write schedules for multiple units for nearly 375 employees and this software has been great..."

    Adam M.
    Arts Administrator & College Instructor

    Makes employee scheduling a snap!

    "Shift planning, shift reminders, timesheet management, timesheet reporting"

    Josh D.
    My default setting is helping others.

    Great Management Tool

    "I like the ease of scheduling and editing the schedule, it allows you to move times as well as change the working employee with minimal effort. I also like the messaging / chat / message wall features. The location settings are nice, it allows me to see where the employee actually logs in. I really want to use a card reader for employees to clock in and out with, however haven't been able to..."