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Hurrah!® is the premier tool for Sales VP’s and Sales Managers alike who are looking for modern ways to quickly grow revenue, boost sales cycles, improve marketing and sales productivity, increase adoption of their CRM system, and encourage other behaviors that drive sales.

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What is Hurrah!® Leaderboard?

Hurrah!® Leaderboards is a productivity tool that blends gamification and live broadcasting to boost team motivation and outcomes, by recognizing outstanding work in real time across the department floor on one or more TV screens and web browsers.

Its capacity to connect to multiple data-sources (including Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, Excel and other call center systems in the market) to pull team performance metrics as well as its flexibility to build completely custom metrics makes Hurrah! indispensable for some of the strongest sales-driven organizations such as Amway, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Mets, and Paylocity.

With Hurrah!, you can grow revenue, track KPIs, encourage a healthy, competitive atmosphere, and share important milestones with your team instantly, and encourage other behaviors that drive sales.

Hurrah!® Leaderboard Details Provided by: Alejandro M.

Hurrah!® Leaderboard Details Provided by: Alejandro Morales Hermin

CEO at CRMGamified/Hurrah!
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English, Spanish

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