Dubi Y.
    Dubi Y.
    Head of Global IT at OptimalPlus

    on premise / Saas integration

    "integrating between legacy systems and cloud/SaaS tools in easy and secure way. no need to have development competencies, can implement flexible workflow, easy to maintain. "

    Yuval Z.
    Yuval Z.
    Director of MIS at DRIVENETS

    Makes integration "manageable" Saves time, money and lots of code...

    "out of the box connectors, easy implementation"

    Administrator in Investment Banking

    Not perfect, but far better than the alternatives

    "Flexibility! The service works by Importing/Exporting your data to/from an 'in-memory schema'. Once your data in in the schema, you can create steps to filter, sort, and manipulate until you're happy with the results. IFTTT, Flow, Boomi, Zapier can't do do what iConduct does (or at least couldn't last time I checked, the space is changing fast). Nice folks, great customer service. Very..."

    Noa D.
    Noa D.
    Salesforce Administrator at MakerBot

    Good User Experience

    "Make the integration world accessible and easy to manage and control "

    Nitsan H.
    Nitsan H.
    CIO as a Service | Assisting organizations to grow by utilizing information systems and processes

    Very satisfied with iConduct product and services

    "IConduct enable us to get our manufacturing, logistics and sales systems aligned. Cost effective wise IConduct displays incredible value and it helped us resolve a major headache in our critical data systems connectivity. Whenever we need to update or change an interface flow or logic due to our business needs we do it in minutes. "

    Yoav M.
    Yoav M.
    IT Manager at Dan Pal

    IConduct is Friendly!

    "IConduct is Friendly! After couple of hours, you can control it. It helps me to connect my On Premises ERP with my cloud CRM (both ways). Implementer is only needed for complex issues if you do not have the enough experience "

    Ami B.
    Ami B.
    at LiveU

    iConduct product satisfaction

    "Excellent Integration Platform, easy for implementation. "

    shay c.
    .net developer at Femi Premium

    IConduct is an easy to use, high performance integration platform.

    "Platform is very user friendly and easy to use after you understand the process patterns. Very easy to transfer data from one endpoint to another. Supports all kind of endpoint application includes all databases, files, application and ftp. Very recommended for integration implementers and also for BI users."

    Idan B.
    Idan B.
    Salesforce Expert | Salesforce Technical Architect

    Very good experience , fast flexible - Do the work !

    "Time to market - very fast , No code require all drag and drop , Most major Database/System available, Allot of ready functionalists for data migration/fix clean up, Send email alert base on verity of data source "

    Nir B.
    Priority Software

    Great tool to transfer data between systems

    "For me the most impotent topic of this tool is the stability. We transfer on daily base a hundreds of thousand of record between systems around the worlds with no problems at all. Creating new interfaces from and to other systems is very easy and real fast. We had a 4 hour training with Iconduct team and then we could manage the system by ourselves with Iconduct team support."

    Ira M.
    Ira M.
    Develop and Application Manager at Tosaf compounds

    i conduct - product review

    "Iconduct is an ETL platform for interfaces between systems. The platform is highly recommended for multiple data structure organizations. It has the capability to make interfaces between all the important programs in Israely market (Priority ERP, Salesforce, Sharepoint, variety of DB's etc..). The system is VERY easy to use and within a few days of implementation you can have a full..."

    Yaniv H.
    Yaniv H.
    Application Manager at Elmo Motion Control

    The easiest and best integration tool to meet our business needs - best bang for the buck!

    "The moment we had found the IConduct platform, that was the moment we understood we can implement our business processes quickly and easy. Within days we were up and running. Amazing. The IConduct is easy and simple on one hand but can handle all scenarios and complex needs on the other hand. It is reliable and stable with all monitoring and alerts we need to control. Not to mention the..."

    Industry Analyst / Tech Writer in Semiconductors

    Efficint and Ease of USE

    "the ease with with the files are moved from one folder to the other, from one server to the other absolute no human intervention once set up right"

    Ziv S.
    Ziv S.
    Information System Manager at INFINIDAT

    Exalent integration tool that enable with simple few steps transfering data between your systems

    "The simplicity of iConduct enable you to create your own new interfaces very quickly. It already comes with connectors to multiple systems - you just need to pick your connector and create your own interface. By using this tool, I improve the data visibility between my company systems with minimum effort."

    Guy G.
    Guy G.
    Salesforce, ETL & BI analyst/developer

    Iconduct as a middle-ware platform

    "The Iconduct allows you to connect to vast variety of system. The platform is very intuitive and very easy to learn The ability to review data that was transform in each transactions really assist to in analysis any anomalies "

    Sagi N.
    Sagi N.
    Oracle ERP Operations Track Leader at Allot Communications

    Best Integration Software I ever met!!

    "1. Time to Market for new interfaces - very fast and easy to implement and deploy. 2. Works with all platforms/databases that you can think of, ready connections to most of main organizational SW that exist in the market. 3. No Need for special programming knowledge. 4. very intuitive 5. All organizational interfaces and data flow models in 1 place. "

    Tal C.
    Tal C.
    Business Application Manager at AppsFlyer

    Great integration solution

    "iConduct is very flexible and once you get the grasp of things, it's relatively easy to set up integrations. It comes with out-of-the-box plugins for the major systems (in our case Salesforce and SAP Business One), making the process of connecting to the systems super easy. The iConduct team is super responsive and helpful, and whenever an issue, bug or even just a general question comes..."

    Rinat A.
    Rinat A.
    Application&IT Mgr. at Mazor Robotics

    We use I-Conduct for the past 2 years, it helps integrate between external and internal systems

    "Good platform, Fast Implementation, Very stable integration tool, great service team, saves lots of working hours "

    Omer P.
    Omer P.
    Senior Director, Head of Business Applications at Zadara

    In the past last months we had great experience with my Conduct product in several ERP Projects.

    "The Flexibility of IConduct and the fact that it already Integrated to Tens of systems allow us to focus on the Project instead of Integration. It's Amazing that it is so flexible that when we needed new connector to Netsuite ERP it take to IConduct Team only 3-4 days to Integrate to all Netsuite components!!"

    Yoav S.
    Yoav S.
    Skilled Information System Manager | Winning Team Leader | ERP & CRM SalesForce Expert

    Perfect system, Iconduct performance of system and team responsive are the deal breaker

    "Iconduct allow work with almost any SAS API systems in addition to API we develop in house. the tool is very easy to use and allow run on demand or by batch runs. It is a very flexible tool that you can set up almost any type of demand you have. "