<span>Allyn J.</span>
    Allyn J.
    Passionate IT professional that enjoys automating and learning new systems.

    Informacast provides flexibility and functionality that's easy to implement and use.

    "I work for a school district where this was already in place before my arrival. I have also worked previously at other districts as a contractor where this system was in place. It's paired with IP Speakers and IP Phones. It works *BEST* if you already have a Cisco Call Manager environment. From basic one way announcements (either to one room, or to a whole building), to two way intercoms..."

    <span>Michael B.</span>
    Michael B.
    Service Desk Technician at Webster Central School District

    Amazing Support for an Amazing Product

    "How quick and easy it is to get help for informaCast. Not only is it an awesome product that you can do a lot with, but if you need help they always get back to you quickly and are very helpful"

    <span>Chris K.</span>
    Chris K.
    Cisco Voice Engineer 2 at Cincinnati Bell

    Great software, integrates flawlessly, with excellent stateside support.

    "I came onboard at my hospital with zero experience with integrated paging software, but upon contacting Singlewire, they walked me through everything. I can't say enough how satisfied I am with them."

    <span>Mitchell W.</span>
    Mitchell W.
    Networking/Systems Administrator at Nucor Steel Nebraska

    Quick to implement, Easy to use

    "This product was a lot less expensive than the software we were using and it has more features than what we had. It was easy for us to export users out of our old software and modify the data a bit and upload into Informacast. It took us less than a day to implement Informacast! Informacast support is beyond great, they know what they are doing and have worked with the solution for a while. "

    Administrator in Packaging and Containers
    Administrator in Packaging and Containers

    Singlewire InformaCast has provided our company an easy-to-use emergency notification solution.

    "Singlewire provides fantastic DIY documentation for most if not all of their notification possibilities. I have been able to implement most of their solutions by myself. When I am unable to, contacting their support team is a breeze. They are responsive and ready to help with any issue you come across. "

    <span>Kevin T.</span>
    Kevin T.
    Network Administrator at Providence Day School

    Information When You Need It

    "The Informacast system is idiotproof. We have several buildings on campus and informacast makes it simple to alert all of our people in an emergency situation. The fact that it integrates with out legacy PA system is a plus."

    <span>Peter R.</span>
    Peter R.
    Operations Professional

    InformaCast for Emergency Notifications

    "We use InformaCast in a K-12 setting, to inform users of emergency situations. We use InformaCast on Cisco phones, InformaCast Conference Call Plugin, and InformaCast Mobile. Support has always been knowledgeable, quick, and takes issues directly to the developers of the product."

    <span>Cesar G.</span>
    Cesar G.
    IT Consultant, Systems Analyst and Administrator

    A powerful tool for alerts/messages without complication

    "Seamless integration with Cisco Call Manager and plenty of documentation to do it right. Highly customizable: messages with plenty of options per your convenience; plus, plugins that can help you extend functionality in many ways. Being able to check the results of a message you sent with confirmation statistics and feedback responses; you can send a quick poll to people! Excellent technical..."

    <span>Christian S.</span>
    Christian S.

    Must have weather notifications

    "Love the automated weather alerting. We are able to automatically send severe weather alerts directly to our users desktop phones. The ability to monitor and alert safety staff of 911 calls is great feature as well."

    <span>Jamie S.</span>
    Jamie S.
    Network & Systems Technician at Saranac Central School District

    Excellent product with features I am still learning

    "The feature set this product offers is more than I have even figured out as of yet. Each time we are looking to do something, this product suite can usually have a form of integration. We tie into our PA system, our panic system, our 911 dialing, our messaging systems. We run it as a VM on VSphere and it just works. Updates are easy to install and the install instructions are usually spot on...."

    <span>Jon T.</span>
    Jon T.

    Powerfull mass communication one you have it set up

    "Informacast integrates with our phone system to notify administrators and other key staff when 911 is dialed, and provides them with the building, room #, extension, and caller name so we can respond quickly. We programmed a single button on each phone which opens up a building-wide announcement to all phones and overhead speakers so that they can describe the exact situation of an emergency to..."

    <span>Jahad S.</span>
    Jahad S.

    Informacast - A vital part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan

    "The ease of notifying our staff and teachers across the schools of emergency situations. Integration into our Cisco VoIP phone system. Alerts and reporting of incidents."

    <span>John P.</span>
    John P.
    Unified Communications Engineer at Networking Concepts, Inc


    "The prime purpose of the product for two of our customers is to get information out to staff as quickly and easily as possible. The ease of use for the end users to send pre-canned/modified messages to staff is great. The end user only required a few minutes to learn the basic paging functionalities. We also have users restricted to certain messages and recipients to prevent erroneous pages...."

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services
    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Medical Paging solution

    "Very quick to grow and easy to administer solution. The single wire group has some of the best support structure that I've dealt with. "

    <span>Ra S.</span>
    Ra S.
    Network Administrator at The Potomac School

    We upgraded from v8.1 to 11.0.5 - 113 & I'm absolutely loving the new InformaCast! #TheRaMethod

    "The new GUI & UX is substantially improved. Management over broadcast groups could not be easier. In our previous Version 8.1, it was difficult to figure out how it all works; however in the new Version 11.0.5 - 113, It's just as easy as drag & drop... Update your CUCM with all appropriate devices & parties, go into IC, edit groups, click update, transfer the MACs to that broadcast group &..."

    <span>Sam C.</span>
    Sam C.
    Client Services Leader at Arup | Information Technology

    Easy way to extend the functionality of your VOIP system

    "Informacast integrates with our Call Manager phone system easily and uses the Cisco IP Phones as speakers to make paging available around the office. The device discovery tool makes updating endpoints easy and quick. Being able to leverage existing technology and extending its functionality is a great way to reduce your administrative support and improve your ROI. "

    <span>John K.</span>
    John K.
    Director of Technology at Campbell Union High School District

    Best IP Bell/Paging software!

    "I tell people "You can do anything with informacast". The software package they provide literally has everything you could think when it comes mass campus communication. I have never seen such a scalable product with so many awesome features. The interface is very simple yet powerful. I feel better knowing our administration can instantly put our campuses in emergency mode with 2 seconds phone..."

    Consultant in Information Technology and Services
    Consultant in Information Technology and Services

    Informacast Paging/Alert/Park n Page

    "I think one of the best things is the ease in setup/troubleshooting as well as the support. The support team is very responsive and helpful in resolving any issues."

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services
    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Reliable innovation

    "Informacast is always evolving & staying ahead of the curve. The developers and project managers are nearly clairvoyant when identifying a need or requirement that their product can meet and likely exceed. Their ability to continue to do this doesn't come at the expense of reliability or entrenched operability and features."