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Inkling builds software to get your workforce humming. It equips deskless workers with the information they need to be capable and focused. With Inkling, business leaders benefit from greater visibility into how work gets done while field employees benefit from a modern approach to their work. Inkling’s products harness the power of mobile technology to improve the productivity of field employees.

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Inkling Details Provided by: Polina P.

Inkling Details Provided by: Polina Polishchuk

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About Inkling

Inkling Knowledge makes it easy to deliver training and operational guides to employees in an interactive, mobile-first format. Content creators can enhance content with interactivity, distribute with 1-click, and track and measure content effectiveness with embedded analytics.

Inkling Knowledge is a seamless platform that integrates with your critical business systems such as single sign-on, learning management systems, scheduling systems, and business intelligence tools.

Our customers have captured value with Inkling Knowledge by standardizing operations across their distributed workforce, reducing the time to onboard and train workers, increasing work productivity and performance, and reducing the time to create, print, and ship content.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Inkling is an end-to-end platform that covers the whole spectrum of knowledge, in one tool. Our product allows users to create dynamic content, manage and collaborate on that content, and deliver it to their team, enabling them with access on any device. You can also measure the effectiveness of your content to make informed decisions on what’s working and what’s not. Due to this versatility, we see our product used in many capacities by our customers including in partnership with a LMS, or as a simplified replacement, as a field reference tool, or as a way to manage their content and empower their teams with a single source of truth.

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