1. Carol O.

    Chief Sales Development Officer & President | B2B Sales Development Programs for Growing Companies

    Great Sales Tool - Salesforce Integration Rocks!

    "We do lead generation so we need good quality prospect data. We tried many other methods to create prospect lists to call for our clients and InsideView in Salesforce stood out above any other data or prospect intelligence tools for us. We use it to help make intelligent and relevant conversations when we are speaking to prospects and clients. We use the Alerts and Watchlists to keep us..."
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  2. Jim O.

    CRM Application Sales Specialist at Ledgeview Partners

    I use InsideView on a daily basis. I feel it is fundamental to my job and my success.

    "I update my records - especially new prospect records - with fresh accurate data from InsideView with one or two clicks, I review contacts and add any that I am missing - again with a couple clicks. Additionally I have watchlists on a few key accounts. When I am planning my go to market activities in a particular area I routinely pull leads from InsideView based on geo, size, industry, etc.,..."
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  3. Jessica C.

    B2B Marketing I Demand Generation I Marketing Operations

    Great tool for prospecting, list building and data hygiene

    "I have used many different options for prospecting withing Salesforce and InsideView really takes the cake. First off their database of accounts is backed by reputable sources, rather than just community sourced. Secondly, there is a robust platform that provides company insights, references, and talking points for when my reps do cold calls. We purchased the prospecting seats as well as..."
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  4. Michael D.

    Empowering companies to solve business challenges through cutting edge software solutions

    Where would I be without InsideView?

    "The ability to reach the right decision maker in minutes. No other tools allowed for this so quickly."
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  5. Rodney W.

    Business Director

    I love Insideview!

    "Give me the information I need to do my job in record time. I can find the right person and I have their information at my fingertips. If I am planning a trip to a region I can easily fill my calendar with what I learn from this tool. Having access to titles and emails is very helpful! "
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  6. Jim H.

    Founder and President at ResourceBoxe, Inc.

    InsideView is our go-to database for sales intelligence

    "Three things are critical for my team when it comes to a sales intelligence tool. 1) Accuracy and depth of the company and contact information, 2) An intuitive user interface that lets us easily build lists targeted by a variety of different criteria, 3) Good value for the price (actually that's my concern more than the team's). InsideView covers all the bases. I've used it in three..."
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  7. Nate R.

    Account Executive | Sales Manager at LinkTrust Technologies

    InsideView is a great resource for networking and connecting with business contacts!

    "InsideView is a great tool and is very helpful with building lists for connecting with prospective contacts. The information provided is accurate and up-to-date. InsideView allows me to be more productive and saves hours of time I would otherwise be spending manually searching for the information I need."
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  8. Barbara G.

    Sales, Social Selling, Customer Experience | Speaker, Advisor, Author |Top 50 Sales Influencer | 404-647-4925

    Couldn't live without InsideView in my business and sales activities!

    "I love the Watch Lists that I created based on trigger terms that signify sales opportunities to me. Creating detailed lead lists that I can then export and import into my CRM is essential. Finally, I love the ability to do deep dive research on people and companies that I want to work with."
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  9. Christina A.

    Marketing Coordinator : Connecting Clients to our Business - and Theirs.

    Informed Decisions lead to better time management

    "What I like best about InsideView for Sales is that it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The two systems are able to speak to each other and provide invaluable insights into customers and prospects. The most useful feature is the lead enrich feature. On web forms or at trade shows we ask prospects for only their name and email. The lead enrich feature fills in the gaps and..."
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  10. Mary A.

    Sales Operations Manager at InvoiceInfo

    Outstanding Product for List Building!

    "When we get names of companies that our salespeople would like to call on, sometimes we only have the name of the company. With InsideView, we can very quickly gain valuable information on those companies and import into Salesforce. As the Sales Operations Manager for our company, it is my responsibility to make sure that the information on companies in our database is not only current but..."
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  11. Mike B.

    Senior Vice President, National Sales & Marketing at Speedway Motorsports, Inc. and Sports Consultant

    InsideView provides actionable insight and connections to prospective partner companies.

    "InsideViews trigger functions and integration with salesforce.com make it valuable and easy to use. The daily summary of activities by companies that I have researched gives a great overview of their activity. The competitor section provides a good list of similar companies. The ability to set custom triggers based on the needs of your business is really important. For new product launches..."
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  12. Rob D.

    Compliance eLearning Specialist at Thomson Reuters

    Quick, easy, relevant data on first page

    "The fact that it auto populates is a clear indicator of the accuracy. I have access to several other data mining software tools but ALWAYS use InsideView. Precise employee count is killer. and all the relevant data required to approach a client is there on the first page. "
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  13. Tim P.

    Health & Life Sciences Solution Design Consultant/Domain Expert at PowerObjects

    excellent product embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    "Super-easy to use, requires no maintenance. gives you a nice overview of the company. Especially like the up-to-date "buzz" section where social media posts are summarized and refreshed frequently"
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  14. Steve W.

    Demand Generation Manager and ABM Manager at Sales Performance International

    Solid tool

    "I like the fact that you gain access to the relevant "firmographical" very quickly when searching companies via InsideView. Employee size, revenue, location and brief description of the company background are readily accessible within seconds, allowing me to quickly analyze a company in preparation for my call. I also like the list building features - super intuitive and easy to use."
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  15. Jamie P.

    Professional Employer Consultant at TriNet

    Fantastic tool to be more efficient

    "The search function, and the capabilities of savings lists that you created help make you more efficient in your prospecting. InsideView is very user friendly, and really allows you to drill down to whatever details you are looking for. "
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  16. Michael C.

    Distribution Centers | Manufacturing | Supply Chain | Warehousing | E-Commerce | Logistics | Midwest

    Helping make better cold calls

    "I like being able to find the name of the correct person to call and being able to get additional info on the company. Making sure that I get through to the decision maker is very important to my job, it saves me a lot of time which means I can make more calls. "
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  17. Alden D.

    Digital Marketing Optimization, Automation, & Operations

    Best quality data for the price.

    "I love the quality of data on a company level, and the lead/contact level is strong as well. A lot of the selling points that were brought up when we were considering them as a vendor centered around their business data, news, and alerts, but frankly I find other parts of the service to be even more valuable than that. "
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  18. Steve C.

    Managing Partner at X-Consulting Group

    Time in Front of Prospect is Soo valuable - Don't waste it by being uninformed!

    "As a Sales Professional I need to quickly make an impact to move a sales forward! Insideview gives me all the information I need at my fingertips to quickly get the attention of my prospects. Knowing who is who (People) at a prospect has helped me get in the door and close more than a few large deals. "
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  19. William (Bill) D.

    Director of Solution Consulting & Sales Enablement at Montage

    Great Social Selling & Sales Intelligence Platform

    "The initial driver for us to purchase InsideView related to finding good quality prospect/lead contact information. We evaluated many different solutions and found that for our targeted buyer, InsideView had some of the most complete/correct. The ability to sync company & contact information directly into Salesforce and update our accounts & contacts is a huge benefit and time saver. The..."
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