Intervals has been a life saver for our business!

    "I love the intuitive interface. The project management and time tracking has been a life saver for our business! "

    Stephanie W.
    Client Services Director at Vanguard Communications Group

    Intervals is a (project) life saver

    "The ability to organize tasks within projects but also by module and milestone. I makes it very easy to analyze upcoming tasks, timelines and total scope of work. This also makes it an excellent team communication tool, with task commenting, assignments and other notifications – Interval's functionality really helps our team be collaborative vs. working in silos. "

    Dustin F.
    Benevolent Overlord at tdg

    Intervals Users for Almost a Decade

    "We tried several project management platforms before we settled on Intervals about nine years ago. The main feature that won us over: it's very robust, with a lot of features that work well for an agency like us. It's great for dividing a big project into small tasks, it's good for tracking timesheets and project budgets, and we like the ability to give clients a set of executive user..."

    Elaine L.
    Partner at Nuvonium, LLC

    Intervals has helped us bill more accurately and completely for our time

    "Intervals allows us to keep track of billable time without too much thought. By simply starting a timer for a task or a general timer, we can make sure we're tracking our billable hours completely. I also love that we are able to receive emails directly into our intervals workflow and assign them as tasks to the appropriate project."

    Quentin R.
    Executive Secretary of the International Society of Precision Agriculture

    Great business tool

    "It is ready to go, rock solid on reliability, and performs its function without fail. The time entry options are great. I have a staff of 10 and each person has a favorite way to input the data. That flexibility alone makes a huge difference in acceptance by employees. They adapt to the habit of keeping time in the way that best fits their work flow and style. Once the habit is established we..."

    Kannan S.
    Head-Design at MTL

    Capable Project-Resource management tool

    "Mr. Pie Chart and other reporting functions are excellent."

    David A.
    Content Strategeryist

    Intervals does almost everything we need

    "Simplicity of use: we are an internal web site development/communications office. We use intervals to track larger and small projects. Our staff are not heavily-experienced developers: they are writers, photographers and admin staff. They are all able to grasp and work in Intervals very quickly."

    Jacob T.
    Direct Mail Specialist at Blue Gorilla Mail

    Organized management in one platform

    "I enjoy how we are able to use Intervals for a wide variety of our clients regardless of the Industry they are in."

    Seth R.
    Senior Acoustic Consultant at Hayes McKenzie Partnership

    Intervals online is an effective workload management tool

    "Task scheduling and resource allocation in terms of the estimated hours. Being able to follow tasks or jobs is also very useful and the general level of communication that it generates is great."

    Roberto F.
    Business Controller at St-Georges Structures et Génie Civil

    Administration controller

    "Fast interaction and friendly interaface."

    Matt P.
    Studio Manager at ADS Media

    Great software for those new to managing projects

    "Intervals is a very easy system to step into. Set up people in your company, add a client, add a project, boom you are off and running. We dont use EVERYTHING it has to offer, but for our small company it has revolutionized the way we track projects and time. Since we started using it (2 years now) we don't go over budget on projects, we don't miss billing time, we don't miss deadlines...."

    Dustin D.
    Digital Marketing Professional

    Hesitant at first, but now habitual.

    "Very easy to use and helps you keep on schedule. "

    John D.
    President/Founding Partner h2o Creative Group

    Founding Partner

    "The most effect project management tool we have used... soon to be FOUR year relationship!"

    Zsombor Z.
    Senior Technology Consultant/Business Intelligence Architect at MultiBase

    The best combination of task management and time tracking

    "Simple to use, but still configurable interface for task management. The time tracking is perfectly integrated in the interface, and it is very easy to enter your time. It made my last 10 years of software engineering very easy. The product has exactly the right set of functionality for managing a software development and services company. When you need more than that you can easily..."

    David V.
    Pres/Creative Director

    The best solution for our firm is Intervals

    "A very powerful and complete system for managing small and large projects. Excellent time tracking tools and ways to customize the system for our needs."

    Mark G.
    Owner, Communication Mark and Fund-Raising Consultant

    It Just Works

    "I like a lot about Intervals. Most important to me: • Ease of use. I work with contractors, as well as employees, and I don't have a lot of time to train everyone how to use our project management system. I've been using Intervals for more than a year now, and everyone who has tried Intervals has been able to start using it almost immediately, because it is simple to navigate (and has very..."

    Eric L.
    Owner at the FOSTM Agency

    The backbone of our business!

    "In a word, simplicity. I love that we can use this project management tool for $100,000 projects as well as $1,000 projects ... We can quickly and easily get a new client set up and initiate managing their project in less than 5 minutes - most other PM tools take hours to set up a project."

    Cristina T.
    Marketing Project Manager at 3dcart

    Intervals is great for managing time

    "As a project manager, intervals helps me create tasks for the many people that I work with and make sure they are done on time and correctly. Intervals is an integral part in our daily task management and helps us keep track of where we are spending our time."

    Santiago Z.
    Account Manager at InSoft Cía. Ltda.


    "Their organization in clients, projects and tasks allow us to work in a coordinated manner with our customers, also the billing feature allow us carry an effective control on costs. Additionaly the timers is an excelent way to keep track of time invested in working in our customers support"