At iSALUS Healthcare, the mission is to provide clients an affordable, fully-unified Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution through a cloud-based software solution.

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What is iSALUS EHR?

iSalus Healthcare offers a fully-integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management and Billing Services solution with a host of features to support small to mid-sized practices. As a Web-based system, iSalus EHR is easily accessed through the cloud, giving physicians the ability to keep track of scheduling, patient details and financial data anytime and anywhere.

iSalus' EHR is completely customizable and is specifically designed to adapt to each specialty and individual practice workflow. iSALUS EHR is physician-created and developed with over 15 years of experience within the EHR/EMR industry. Our EHR, OfficeEMR, offers thousands of templates in almost every specialization because we’ve been building them from our inception. If one of our templates doesn’t meet the specific needs of a new user, we offer further customization to make sure you can practice medicine the way you want.

Because iSalus Healthcare is built on the notion that our end goal is to make a healthcare provider’s life easier, we knew the importance of a developing a mobile application that allows you to take thousands of patient’s charts with you wherever you go. Not only will you have the ability to write prescriptions, view patient charts, view or upload images, you can also finish charting and even create superbills from anywhere with an internet connection. We don’t just want to improve the quality of care you provide, we want to improve the quality of life you live.

iSALUS EHR Details Provided by: Renae R.

iSALUS EHR Details Provided by: Renae Rossow

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