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Issuetrak helps your team track tickets, issues, & requests with features like auto-assignment, ticket escalation, at-a-glance dashboard metrics, detailed reporting, custom forms, user-defined fields, and much more. Submit tickets via email, mobile, web form, or web portal. Define your workflow with simple task lists or complex branching. Issuetrak is highly configurable, quickly implemented, & easy to use. Cloud or on-premise deployment.

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Issuetrak Features

Ticket and Case Management


Route tickets based on values of fields, changes to ticket status and time based conditions

(Based on 42 reviews)

Response Automation

Respond to common requests with standard reply

(Based on 39 reviews)

SLA Management

Service Level Agreement Management

(Based on 24 reviews)


Documents and files can be attached to the ticket to communicate with customer issues/resolutions

(Based on 41 reviews)

Ticket Collaboration

Share and collaborate on tickets with multiple customer service representatives

(Based on 40 reviews)

Ticket Creation User Experience

User Experience of creating and submitting a ticket

(Based on 43 reviews)

Ticket Response User Experience

User Experience of responding and recieving a response

(Based on 43 reviews)


Change Management

Tools to track and implement required IT changes in a system.

Not enough data available

Asset Management

Tools to organize and manage all IT assets within an organization.

Not enough data available

Reports & Analytics

A means to view and analyze a large amount of data in order to gain business insights.

Not enough data available

Knowledge Share

Knowledge Base

Provides a repository of information that can be used by those seeking support.

Not enough data available

Searchable Articles

Makes articles in the knowledge base searchable on the web.

Not enough data available

Community Forums

Enables users to engage with other users to solve common issues.

Not enough data available

Interactive FAQs & Forums

Allows site administrators to participate in forums and update FAQs accordingly.

Not enough data available

Service Desk

Help Desk

A place for users to submit tickets when they require IT help.

Not enough data available

Incident Reports

Reports based on IT incidents so IT members can prioritize high risk issues and maintain a record of problems and how often they occur.

Not enough data available

Process Workflow

The ability to create flowcharts and other means to outline specific processes to ensure that all requirements are met.

Not enough data available


Web Portals

Takes users to a customer-based site location, customized to match the site. Can either be public or require login.

Not enough data available

Forum to Reponse

Creates tickets from forum questions that were not resolved within the community.

Not enough data available

Tickets and Tagging

Troubleshoots problems with clients who have created a ticket in an attempt to provide a likely solution before taking the problem to support personnel.

Not enough data available

Live Chat

Embeds live chat capabilities within self-service tools.

Not enough data available

Communication Channels

Customer Portal

Allows fully customizable portal for customer to enter tickets, provide feedback and communicate with service agents

(Based on 30 reviews)

Email to Case

Ability for customer service agents to communicate via email and email conversations are automatically tracked in ticket

(Based on 32 reviews)

Chat/Live Support

Ability for customer service agents to communicate with customers via live chat to solve problems live

(Based on 15 reviews)

Social Integration

Integration to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to allow customers and agents to communicate via social networks


Call Center

Make, Receive, and Record Calls

Make and receive calls directly in the application. Track and record calls for analysis.


Customer and Contacts Database

Central repository for account and contact information

(Based on 24 reviews)

Products and Version Tracking

Central repository for tracking products and product versions customer is using

(Based on 21 reviews)

Call Scripting

Provides abilty for customer reps to use a script when calling customers for common reasons


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automates interactions with telephone callers so that calls can be routed to the appropriate agent


Self Service/Community


Online discussion functionality so customers can have conversations among each other


Knowledge Base

Searchable prepopulated knowledge base or Wiki that also deflects tickets by suggesting articles during ticket entry

(Based on 34 reviews)


Allows customers to enter and vote on suggestions to products and services

(Based on 24 reviews)


Allows customers to post questions publicly and get answers from customer service agents and other customers

(Based on 25 reviews)

Reporting & Analytics

Social Monitoring

Functionality to Monitor social activity for brands/products and respond in social network to customers social activity



(Based on 38 reviews)


(Based on 38 reviews)


ITIL Compliance

ITIL is a methodology for ticket management that some Help Desk tools are built to support

(Based on 9 reviews)

Mobile User Support

Allows software to be easily used on multiple mobile devices include phone and tablet devices.

(Based on 18 reviews)


(Based on 30 reviews)

User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.

(Based on 30 reviews)



Performance & Reliability

(Based on 31 reviews)

Integration APIs

(Based on 11 reviews)