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Information at your fingertips: With Jedox Mobile you can access the latest business data from anywhere and at any time, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a productive tool for planning, reporting and data analysis. Jedox Mobile unleashes the power of BI and CPM!

Installing the free app is a snap with Jedox Mobile: After downloading the Jedox Mobile app all that is required is to connect to a Jedox server running the Mobile Connector. You will now have access to the same data cubes and compiled reports as available on your desktop, and be able to use the Mobile App’s Dashboard Builder to generate new reports particularly quickly and display them in real time. Users and access rights can be managed the same way as in the other Jedox front ends. This allows all users to download this application and instantly get access to rich demo data to explore the power and functionality of Jedox Mobile. Moreover, we provide access to our Jedox Suite demo system by default on the Jedox Mobile Client for iPad.

With Jedox Mobile, you have an array of intelligent features at your fingertips: Any number of plug-ins can be integrated into the application, such as mail programs or contact lists. In particular, it is ad hoc reporting where the app provides the greatest possible degree of flexibility, as graphical reports are prepared specifically for the corresponding mobile device, such as an iPhone or a tablet PC. Furthermore, to save you from accidentally incurring enormous data charges when overseas, the Jedox Mobile App can be switched to an offline mode at the push of a button. Users can also view each navigation path offline where required, which ensures that they are always on the safe side. Once these paths have been accessed, they can only be opened again after authentication, and data is stored in an encrypted form on the device for maximum security.

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