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Take a peek at how Jiminny helps your sales and success team develop their skills and work smarter.

Jiminny Details Provided by: Tom L.

Jiminny Details Provided by: Tom Lavery

CEO & Founder at Jiminny
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About Jiminny

If you’re building a team with ambitious targets, then we believe you need tools designed especially for the way they work to improve performance.

Jiminny is the first communications platform built for inside sales and success teams.

Our platform brings together a web conference, dialer and SMS tool, each built in a way that allows you to develop the skills of your team, improve productivity and collaborate as a business so you can generate more revenue across the customer lifecycle.

By leading with communication, we capture every interaction across the buyer and customer lifecycle to give you the highest visibility of performance. Our platform automates with your CRM to show you powerful insights on where to coach for the highest impact, whilst saving your team hours of time on the routine admin tasks.

It’s the perfect platform if you’re looking to improve team performance and help them work smart. Get ready to give your team something they’ll love.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

We've re-imagined the world of communication for the front line teams that are selling and servicing your customers everyday.

Once upon a time they had to use a set of tools built for the masses, now we’ve designed those tools especially for sales and success teams and brought them together into one platform.

We’re not just another sales tool, we’re a platform that helps you coach, collaborate, work smart and communicate with your customer whilst helping the whole business stay connected to your customer. Get in touch, we’d love to learn about you and see if we can help.

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