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Mobility, the Jive softphone, allows users to access Jive’s full line of basic VoIP features from any iOS device. Use Mobility like you would use your desk IP phone to make and receive calls, transfer, check voicemail, and more. The Mobility softphone is the perfect complement to your Jive VoIP service.

•Exceptional voice quality
•No setup required; simply login to use
•Secure connection
•Call display and voicemail indicator
•Contact list and favorites list
•Speakerphone, mute, and hold
•Do-not-disturb setting
•Blind and attended transfer
•Multiple call support
•Swap between active calls
•Merge and split calls
•Transfer calls
•Video calls
•Use forward or rear-facing camera
•Use Bluetooth headsets with microphone
Mobility is only available as an add-on to existing Jive service.

NOTE: Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP functionality over their network and may also impose additional fees or other charges in connection with VoIP. You agree to learn and abide by your cellular carrier's network restrictions. Jive Communications, Inc. will not be help liable for any charges, fees, or liability imposed by your carrier for use of VoIP over 3G.

Mobility is not intended, designed, nor fit for placing, carrying, or supporting Emergency Calls. Jive Communications, Inc. will not be liable for any costs or damages arising either directly or indirectly from the use of the software for Emergency Calls.

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Jive Communications


Jive's mobile app makes it easy to work on the go. Make and receive calls as if in the office. Search your directory, or check your voicemail on the go.

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