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JobAdder is powerful, easy to use web and mobile recruitment management platform for staffing agencies & inhouse recruitment teams.

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JobAdder Features

Recruiting and Onboarding
Recruiting Marketing

Tracks and manages advertising and job postings accross multiple channels

(Based on 7 reviews)
Sourcing and Candidate Identification

Search broad candidate pool to recruit passive talent

(Based on 12 reviews)
Job Posting

Abiilty to post job descriptions and allow candidates to apply within software or whitelabel apply on company's website

(Based on 12 reviews)
Screening and Assessments

Functionality to quickly screen candidates manually and/or through predefined and custom testing methodologies

(Based on 10 reviews)
Interview and Offer Management

Provides interview scheduling, sample questions, and offers

(Based on 11 reviews)
Applicant Tracking

Provides tools to track and analyze candidate applications throughout predetermined stages of the recruiting process.

(Based on 12 reviews)

Tracks key steps in onboarding process including new employee orientation and employee payroll documents.