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Create a fun learning game in minutes (we call these kahoots), made from a series of multiple choice questions.

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Kahoot! Features

Platform Features
Remote Computer Monitoring

Monitor student computer activity remotely from an administrator terminal.

(Based on 42 reviews)
Website & Application Blocking

Prevent students from accessing inappropriate or distracting websites, computer applications, and games.

(Based on 36 reviews)
Teacher/Student Screensharing

Broadcast teacher or student screens to all or selected groups of students.

(Based on 51 reviews)
Interactive Quizzes

Create and share assessments and quizzes that students can access remotely from their computers.

(Based on 90 reviews)
Presentation Building

Build or edit presentations within the software to share with students.

(Based on 54 reviews)
Instant Messaging

Communicate privately with individual students to offer help or answer questions.

(Based on 24 reviews)
Student Assignment Distribution

Assign and distribute homework or classwork to students through the software.

(Based on 42 reviews)
Student Assignment Collection

Collect and grade student homework and classwork through the software.

(Based on 44 reviews)
Progress Reporting

Receive detailed reports of student success and progress that can be shared with parents or administrators.

(Based on 59 reviews)
Shared Content Libraries

Share files such as class notes, quizzes, and presentations with students or parents through content libraries accessible through the software.

(Based on 39 reviews)