Kapost makes content marketing easy by managing every step of the process in a single platform.

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Kapost Features

Content Creation

Content Creation Tools

Tools that help in the ideation, writing, and designing of content.

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Content Curation

Tools to discover, capture, and share third-party content.

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Buyer Personas

Set buyer personas so users can target content to their most valuable audiences.

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Optimize content to increase search engine result rankings.

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A/B Testing

Ability to test two (or more) versions of content and collect viewer interaction data.


Dashboards & Reporting

Access pre-built and custom dashboards and analytics around content performance.

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Audience Targeting

Deploy different versions of webpages based on user demographics, user activity, etc. with out-of-the-box configuration.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Monitors and tracks the results of marketing campaigns

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Cross-Functional Access

Allows multiple users access to a unified, transparent overview of analytics, dashboards, and campaign results

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User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc. to both internal and external users.

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Integrations & APIs

API's typically enable integration of data, logic, objects, etc. with other software applications.

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Customizable Templated Workflows

Suggested workflows that can be adopted as is or adapted to fit business needs.

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Version Control

Ability to access and restore past versions of content.

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Distribution Features

Features to distribute content through a variety of channels including social, websites, blogs, etc.

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Collaborative Editorial Calendars / Scheduling Content

Create editorial calendars that can be accessed by multiple users. Schedule content in advance to post at a later date.

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Internal Communication

Tools to communicate with internal and/or external parties involved in the workflow.

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Editing and Approval Tools

Tools to facilitate the editing and content approval process.

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Data Collection

Gathers data about the effectiveness, impact, and reach of marketing campaigns

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Customer Retention

Collects insight into customer preferences

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Campaign Activity

Campaign Insights

Analyze past and existing marketing campaigns to inform future strategy

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Reports and Dashboards

Creates reports and dashboards to analyze results of campaigns

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Campaign Stickiness

Identifies which marketing campaigns resolved in open or closed opportunities

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Brand Optimization

Provides opportunities for brands and businesses to fix or modify existing or future campaigns via feedback

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Multichannel Tracking

Collects marketing campaign performance data across multiple channels

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