1. Heiner P.

    Head of Engineering at Southwinds Engineering Inc.

    Best CAD platform available.

    "The platform can open any file, and work with it as if it was native. Speed of making changes is 90% faster than any other program. it is super stable and crashes 1-2 times a year. (And you know what you did to make it do that...) Support is super responsive. "
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  2. Aaron E.

    Manufacturing Engineering at Compucraft Fabricators, Inc.

    KeyCreator is a very powerful direct modeling CAD software

    "I use KeyCreator on a daily basis to both create models from scratch as well as edit customer supplied models. The tools available in KeyCreator to manipulate both original geometry and customer supplied models are like a Swiss army knife. There are a robust set of tools to create simple sheet metal parts as well as complex parts destined for our 5-axis CNC machining center. I like that..."
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  3. Wayne T.

    Tool & Die Designer

    KeyCreator- Great choice for Automotive Tool & Die Design

    "I have been a Cad designer ( Tool & Die) since the early 90s when Keycreator was CadKey - back then my designs were mostly 2D . Since that time the software has continued to be user friendly and easily customized thru the use of macros , hotkeys and menus. 2d and 3d Surfaces and Solids easily interact with each other. Dynamic creation and editing is a breeze without constraints of a history..."
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  4. User

    30 year Cadkey/KeyCreator user.......

    "The ability to bring in, and heal, just about any solid model from any modern CAD program out there. Also the ability to have entire design plus drawings in one file."
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  5. Herbert K.

    Have been using KeyCreator for 4 years and find it easy to use and very quick to complete assignment

    "I like the Icon based controls for most of the operations I can make duplicates quickly with the copy feature I have never had any problems with anything in the program"
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  6. Brian J.

    KeyCreator is an excellent tool for design. It' s interoperability is one of it's many strengths.

    "I like KeyCreator's ease of use and customization. The free form modeling is a powerful tool for me. I use it to easily create contoured parting lines for complicated molds. There are times when I am in a meeting that I take engineers models from other cad systems and change them right in front of them to make them moldable. They tell me "that would have taken me hours to change, and you..."
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  7. Tim H.

    VP at Redline Precision

    Must have for machinery design

    "This is the most user friendly software on the market. It's so easy, I taught myself! The ease of changing models is the biggest plus for me whether it's my own or a customer's that we imported. The options for import are very comprehensive. "
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  8. Joe S.

    Custom design and build

    I could not do what I do without it

    "I work with many different companies and they use many different CAD programs, I have yet to run across one that supplied me files I could not work with. The fact that Keycreator comes with so many different translators is a very big part of what makes it the best platform for me.This not only allows me to work with these files it allows me to send back files they are able to use in their..."
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  9. User in Plastics

    Sr. Design Engineer

    "I like the hybrid versatility of being able to model 2D, 3Dwireframe geometry, surfaces, and solids all within the same model cohesively and easily."
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  10. Michael Dean L.

    CAD Designer at Lavelle Industries, Inc.

    All I Want is My KeyCreator

    "The speed and simplicity with which you create designs. I don't have to worry about "design intent", or spend countless hours pre-thinking the build (so as to put features in the "proper" order). Nearly as quick as an idea comes to mind, the model begins to takes shape. It's also nice to know that I can remove part of the model without having to worry about the model crashing, because of broken..."
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  11. Manuel V.

    Diseñador Mecánico e Industrial.

    Flexible CAD !!

    "Work with 3D part from others CAD systems are easy and fast. You are not tied to any constraints. I have 15 years using it and the company has been growing in the right direction."
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