KeyCreator, Amazing software for Engineers.

    "-Easy and friendly interface for the new users or beginners to be able to get used to the product leading to better service production. - Very powerful drawing components, and also perfect in management of files. Excellent in creating 3D tool and simple in editing. -Quick 2D drawing and detailing ability and production of professional designs and medels especially for Mechanical services. ..."


    Keycreator in tooling fabrication

    "Keycreator's ability to be able to bring in complex surface and solid model geometry from any neutral solid and create tooling. KC allows us to turn CAD models into CNC machined aluminum tooling better than any other CAD program we have ever worked with. We are a job shop, so we deal with all of the popular CAD programs, and Keycreator handles them all nicely."


    KeyCreator is exactly what we need for our business

    "It is very versatile with the ability to model in both wireframe and solids."


    Quick and Easy to use

    "Currently using KeyCreator 2017 V15.5.0. It is very quick and easy to use. It is being used to create and modify models of parts and creating Process Instruction for shop floor. I have been at Sinteris for 19 years and have used CADKEY/KeyCreator since day one."


    Design Freedom

    "I like the versatility that KeyCreator allows in CAD design. I can make changes to my model separate from a model tree which I really like. The surfacing functions in KeyCreator are really great! I also like that through the years KeyCreator has been continually improving their software and there is a lot of room for growth with the foundation that they have."

    Keith S.
    Tooling Engineer at Mid West Fabricating

    All the bells and whistles

    "The program is by far the easiest I have ever used and the translators are amazing. I can easily import a CAD file from a competing software and edit features, holes, etc. in the model as if it was created in KeyCreator! There are no special settings for this, it just works."

    Cliff H.
    Owner, Holder Industrial Design, Inc.

    Great Product

    "I can design the way I want to. Some designs use a lot of external references (parts from vendors that I don't want modified). Some use a lot of custom parts. Also all of the the 2D details reside in the same file as the model so I don't have to manage a huge database when the project gets large. Editing designs when a customer makes changes very rarely requires a complete redesign or start..."


    We are an extrusion die tooling business. We do all of our own tooling design and manufacturing,

    "It's an incredibly powerful design software, that is very affordable. Making changes to models is easy. Tech support is always fantastic."


    Sr. Design Engineer

    "I like the hybrid versatility of being able to model 2D, 3Dwireframe geometry, surfaces, and solids all within the same model cohesively and easily."

    Ranganathan R.

    design engineer

    "simple , easy to use , any body can do 3D modeling by minimum knowledge, I worked with few high end software like Solid works … KeyCreator is so easy to use ,much faster to do modeling"