<span>Robert A.</span>
    Robert A.

    Easy to Use - Good Technical Support

    "I like the fact that as a small to medium size non-profit Kintone will scale to our size and give us a really good price as well. "

    <span>Daniel S.</span>
    Daniel S.

    Flexible and dynamic for the fast moving workplace

    "Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, which means most software solutions are too structured for our use cases. Kintone, however, has a strong balance of flexibility and features that has allowed us to not only organize and improve our current workflows, but to grow our system in line with the business. The flexibility has meant no part of our workflow is left behind."

    <span>Hugh M.</span>
    Hugh M.
    African entrepreneur and community developer


    "Flexibility; range of apps and uses; ease of getting started; fair pricing."

    <span>Kevin C.</span>
    Kevin C.

    Great Product With Great Support

    "The ease of use and the support that comes with it"

    <span>Nicole C.</span>
    Nicole C.
    Technical Training Specialist at COLA Inc.

    Excellent Resource for Any Organizaiton

    "Kintone is so easy to use. When I had presented what I put together to our staff, a few people made an excellent suggestion of something to add. I was able to build an example for them to look at in 15 minutes. Very intuitively put together."

    <span>Lou K.</span>
    Lou K.
    Information Technology Manager, La Crosse Public Library

    Cost Savings Technology Designed to be Easy to Use

    "Ease of use. We have found this program extremely easy to use. We are looking at many other applications that we can switch over to it. "

    <span>Kat H.</span>
    Kat H.
    A commitment to HO'OHANA (work with purpose and intent)

    Great product that does a heck of a whole lot!

    "Super user-friendly and very easy to use; almost endless capabilities"

    <span>Cassidy B.</span>
    Cassidy B.

    Easy, customized database and great customer service!

    "The Kintone platform is easy to customize, I can add fields to our database entries quickly and adjust filters. The customer service is excellent - they are always quick to reply and helpful. "

    <span>Kristina C.</span>
    Kristina C.

    Kintone No Code Database

    "I love the ability to create a customized database with no coding involved. the customer service is great. If I ever have a question, it's easy to just call and have all my questions answered. We are currently in the process of streamlining all the different programs we use as an organization and using just one, Kintone. "

    <span>Jeremiah T.</span>
    Jeremiah T.

    Perfect solution for creating custom business apps

    "The simplicity of the UI is excellent and intuitive"

    <span>German G.</span>
    German G.

    Easy to use No-Code App for Non-IT background Developer

    "We use kintone to manage projects of clients with multiple events. The View reports and calendar options are a great tool to visualize the data."

    <span>HALLIE M.</span>

    kintone review

    "ability to keep track of our boat inventory and import from old outdated database"

    <span>Stephen P.</span>
    Stephen P.
    Owner/President at Stephen Davis Phillips Photography

    A robust platform with endless flexibility

    "The power to customize is incredible. The flexibility to build custom apps is hard to beat. Couldn’t imagine a better solution for our growing non-profit."

    <span>Heather J.</span>
    Heather J.
    Compliance Officer / Database Admin / Volunteer at AFC

    Incredible Turnaround for Our Company

    "The flexibility of use. We can make this work for almost any process we have. Our biggest goal with Kintone currently is to reduce paperwork overhead and to help redefine some key businesses processes. So it has become a big tool in terms of process development. For a small-family owned company, this is HUGE."

    <span>Vanessa P.</span>
    Vanessa P.
    Administrative/Marketing Professional

    Kintone and the works

    "Kintone is such an amazing product, and once you understand it its so easy. It takes sometime, but the employees are there to assist."

    <span>Mamoru F.</span>
    Mamoru F.
    Principal Technical Consultant / Project Manager / Business Analyst at Fuji Business International

    Easy to integrate business apps with AWS

    "Ease to integrate with AWS. I needed serverless solutions to display bond price feed from third party vendor into social marketing microsite. I used kintone API with AWS API gateway to get data directly from kintone database. It was accomplished by a few lines of JavaScript code."

    <span>Doug M.</span>
    Doug M.
    CEO at ManagInc, Multifamily's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting Platform

    kintone - beyond satisfied!!!

    "I am not a techie. We provided a detailed document of the platform we wanted to build. And they made it happen - fast, efficiently and affordably. This was driven by their platform, their team, knowledge and desire to help us. They helped me make a dream come true."

    <span>Leonard N.</span>
    Leonard N.


    "Its Interface and ease in application development and workflow automation"

    <span>Robert P.</span>
    Robert P.
    Returned to my consulting full time and relocated to Missouri to begin yet another phase of life.

    A very smooth transition with no significant issues

    "The ease of creating database files and reports without any in depth knowledge.I was able to teach my office administrative person ,who was formerly one of our bilingual students, to use the system in a very short period of time"