1. Anthony H.

    Marketing, Communications, and Development Professional

    New Fan of Kintone

    "I love the user friendliness! Even if you've never used a CRM before Kintone is very user friendly and intuitive."
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  2. Doug M.

    CEO at ManagInc, Multifamily's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting Platform

    kintone - beyond satisfied!!!

    "I am not a techie. We provided a detailed document of the platform we wanted to build. And they made it happen - fast, efficiently and affordably. This was driven by their platform, their team, knowledge and desire to help us. They helped me make a dream come true."
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  3. Jonathan R.

    20+ years experience in the trucking industry

    Lots of customization

    "The ability to customize the layout of the forms is something I couldn't find in this price range. "
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  4. Stephen P.

    Owner/President at Stephen Davis Phillips Photography

    A robust platform with endless flexibility

    "The power to customize is incredible. The flexibility to build custom apps is hard to beat. Couldn’t imagine a better solution for our growing non-profit."
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  5. Stephen B.

    Chief Digital Strategist at Magma Digital, turning ideas into action through relationships

    Kintone saved me! Excellent toolset that is flexible and easy to use!

    "I like the level of flexibility that Kintone provides in terms of layout, building out a variety of field types and permissioning. The permissioning is fantastic! I can get very granular in terms of how much I can allow users to add records, delete them, edit them, manage apps, etc. You can even go as far down as the field level. The build was pretty fast after getting a hang of the user..."
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