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What is Kinvey?

A complete serverless cloud platform that powers mission-critical apps and entire digital businesses. Kinvey enables you to build immersive native experiences on all channels with no assembly required. Our open, standards-based architecture runs on any cloud. 2,000,000+ developers have contributed to a mature, low-risk solution. The developer community use and contributions drive a fantastic experience for the full stack.

Kinvey is self-service: any developer, any tools, with sub-second data delivery from any enterprise or SaaS system. Security, compliance, & end user support are built-in for a complete set of tools to deliver high quality, immersive experiences. One platform supports mobile, web, bots, and more. You can deliver integrated app experiences across all channels. A single codebase supports rich native experiences for both iOS and Android. Stay up-to-date with new forms of interaction like bots, voice assistants, or AR/VR. Full backend support is available for any app experience regardless of your enterprise systems, and there is no code or cloud lock-in. Launch your apps with end-to-end open source tooling, running on a complete OSS-based stack. Export all your code, business logic, and data at any time. Data rich online and offline experiences are fast and secure. Easily create new data views and mashups for new app experiences. You can rely on support from a large community to ensure you keep up with the new concepts and technology.

Kinvey Details Provided by: Jacqueline N.

Kinvey Details Provided by: Jacqueline Neves

Field Marketing Manager at Kinvey, #1 Mobile Development Platform (Forrester)

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