Knowingo is a mobile learning app designed with active learning and game-design principles.

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Knowingo+ is the mobile learning solution that’s redefining the conventional LMS. This cloud-based learning platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Gamification to revolutionize the way employees learn about their roles at work. Knowingo is a self-learning system measures the way every one of its users learns and offers them their optimal, personalized learning path going so far as to predict when individual employees are likely to forget critical information and repeating it just in time. Thanks to the application, Knowingo delivers learning to its users anytime, any place with a learners-first approach: meaning the software is designed with the psychology behind how people learn in mind. With these principles in mind, Knowingo can ensure that all learning time is valuable and effective. From a management perspective, Knowingo can provide and visualize real-time, in-depth insights so L&D managers can fully evaluate their strategy.

Knowingo Details Provided by: Loren R.

Knowingo Details Provided by: Loren Roosendaal

Founder & CEO at Knowingo | Director at Nyenrode University | TEDx Speaker | 2x Accenture Innovation Award Winner
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Dutch, English, German

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