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What is KnowledgeTree?

Create, Discover, & Predict Winning Content!

KnowledgeTree (acquired by SAVO) is a sales enablement technology that uses Data Science to predict winning content, push it to reps via email or, & score its effectiveness. It doubles prospect engagement and triples content use!

Dramatically Increase Sales Results
* Match content to any sales situation – by industry, persona, stage, & more
* Surface content in or Salesforce1
* Centralize content from your blog, videos, file shares, CMS, & more

Make Every Sales Person Your Top Performer
* Recover the 30% of sales reps’ sales productivity
* Equip every rep with content proven to accelerate sales
* Give tools, templates, guidance, and training to make content actionable
* Instantly tailor slide decks for every prospect

Identify Best Practice Sales Enablement Tools
* Gain insight into what content most effectively advances deals
* Proactively push winning content to sales teams
* Connect with Marketing Automation for a complete view of the funnel

KnowledgeTree Details Provided by: Shelley C.

KnowledgeTree Details Provided by: Shelley Cernel

Director of Marketing at Investor Management Services

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