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Komiko recommends playbooks based on your data, provides health score and retention probability, coaches your team to be proactive and assists them when out reaching their customers. Days to implement in your Salesforce and Gainsight (optional).

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Alex Renz, the director of New Mobility Lab, shares how Komiko's AI analyzes all of his email interactions and provides insights and playbooks so "you can do a better job at engaging with your customers and partners."

Summer Lindman, head of customer success at Talkable, shares how Komiko's AI monitors her team's engagements, suggests playbooks and makes sure nothing "falls through the cracks".

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Komiko Details Provided by: Ami H.

Komiko Details Provided by: Ami Heitner

Co-founder at Komiko. Data driven sales and customer success solution, natively embedded in Salesforce.
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About Komiko

Komiko provides AI-powered Sales and Customer Success solutions for business to business companies that use Salesforce CRM. We have customers of all sizes across software, healthcare, distribution, professional services, and insurance.

Whether you are in the market for a data capture solution for contacts and activities or advanced playbooks to guide your team to success, we have a solution for you:
1. Sales Enablement
Improve win rate and promote accountability without having years of data science under your belt. Expand your data visibility and get more valuable insights beyond just revenue. Komiko makes analytics accessible for you and your team and turns metrics into actionable insights with ML-based playbooks, reports and alerts. Use Komiko to make data-driven decisions, identify gaps and optimize sales efficiency.

2. Customer Success
Build a data-driven customer success team to optimize customer experience. A lot of companies struggle with the concept of transforming into a data-driven decision-making organization. Komiko supports you and your team by simplifying the transformation with quick implementation and ML-based playbooks to get you started as soon as possible. Komiko does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and retrieves valuable insights from product usage data to engagement metrics that are available in Komiko’s embedded reports, dashboards and alerts.

3. Sales & Customer Success Coaching
Top-performing sales and customer success teams think in terms of strategic data-driven process management. They use Komiko’s real-time playbooks to place revenue generating actions at the top of their teams' list. Komiko’s ML-based playbooks work seamlessly, and in real-time. They are completely customizable and are based on your team's performance and your personal coaching style. You won't get them anywhere else but here.

4. Email Tracking
Capture email activities and reveal insights quickly and easily. No more nudging your team to feed CRM with customer conversations, documents, or how often they’ve contacted the customer. Let Komiko do it automatically, directly into your Salesforce Classic and Lightning screens. Komiko’s email integration software is comprehensive but light, smart and easy to implement. Komiko provides insights that will be otherwise impossible to obtain, monitor and maintain over time.

Komiko can also automatically capture contacts that are missing from Salesforce and their job title and phone number from the signature block, so you don't have to re-enter this information into Salesforce. For example, when the sales team mailboxes are synchronized the CSMs will be able to see the discussion that led to the sell along with all promises made and view all documents exchanged inside Komiko's timeline.

Get email alerts on new contacts that you can add to Salesforce with one click.
Get meeting brief email to prepare you and your team before every meeting.

Contact us at info@komiko.com to see a demo and get started.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

With Komiko there's no risk of duplicates, and it ensures a smooth sales to CSM hand off – CSMs see the discussion and all documents exchanged inside Komiko's timeline.

1. Supports multiple signals including team’s engagement via email, usage data, order frequency and customer service. Advantage: Goes beyond SaaS companies. Currently supports industries like managed services, manufacturing and distribution, companies that do not have daily usage data.
2. Recommends Customer Success playbooks based on applying ML model on customer’s and benchmark data. Advantage: Cuts implementation time from months to days.
3. Predicts accounts retention and expansion probability (health score). Advantage: Not relying on subjective CSM judgment.
4. Provides on-going coaching and assistance for each Sales and Customer Success Manager. Advantage: Komiko’s coaching ensures proactive behavior and Komiko’s assistance boosts productivity.
5. Natively embedded in Salesforce, leveraging any relevant data including: accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, activities.

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