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Law Practice Management Software


Practice League's Law Practice Management software is a complete software suite, designed to allow law firm to handle their routine activities on their mobile devices, managing task, assigning task, performance monitoring, e-billing, matter management, litigation management and others.

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What is Law Practice Management Software?

Small, Medium and Independent Law Practice Firms need a full Law Practice system to be up and running quickly without having to invest time and cost in setting up the infrastructure, network and related software. The PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution is a Ready-To-Use cloud-based Pay-As-You-Go Law Practice software which will help you greatly improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

There are a number of reasons that PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution is the best one to have. It is completely web-based, which means you can access it from anywhere, you don’t need to have anything installed on your computer and upgrading can be done at a moment’s notice.

In addition, PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution offers unprecedented Ease-Of-Use, mobility, and affordability. Think about managing your entire practice using a handheld device like a Android or an iPhone®!

Last, but not the least, Security – PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution is fully secured. Data is stored in enterprise-class, secured hosting environment and all traffic to your web-browser is secured using SSL encryption. You can sleep in peace, knowing that your Data is 100% protected.


PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution brings you all the tools you need to manage your Law Business with Easy-To-Use world-class features.

• Timesheet / Expense Entry

• Resource Management

• Task Tracking / Court Date Reminders

• Calendaring

• Contact / Client Management

• Conflict Search & Matter Management

• Invoicing and Payment Tracking

• Documents and Notes

• Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics

Auto Time Tracking

This feature makes it so easy to bill time while you go about your usual routine. Every activity is tracked and recorded, so you ensure clients have billed accurately and details can be provided on request.


Calendars enable you to work across teams and with data, so you can save time while alerting all participants to an event or meeting.

Expense Tracking

Track your expenses along with timekeeping. Further, you can categorize expenses under different heads like travel, court fees, etc. and bill the expenses to your client along with the time details, leaving no room for doubt.

Contact / Client Management

This feature acts as central contact store for all your firm contacts. You can quickly import/export them from other applications like Outlook. Further, you can prepare mailing lists, labels and print letters. It builds client database, relationships between contacts and matters for easy reference.

Conflict Search & Matter Management

This is a valuable tool, designed to make conflict search more efficient and exhaustive. it provides comprehensive search across all your matters, contacts, and client details to locate and highlights any potential conflicts.

Documents and Notes

This amazing feature enables users to quickly and securely store/access and shares documents/web addresses. Peace of mind is guaranteed with our offsite, backed-up document storage, and critical information is kept organized as well as linked to the appropriate client/file. Imagine the value-add, to have case papers, research material and linked emails all accessible instantly while traveling or at home. No more searching or rummaging through papers, or carrying bulky files, you have it all with you, anywhere, anytime!

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

PracticeLeague Law Practice Solution provides a completely seamless billing process. Every activity that you perform, including meetings, tasks, documents/notes preparation, receiving calls, messaging among others are captured too quickly raise a bill while working.

Further, it enables you to quickly configure the look and feel of the bill, customizable with your own logo. PDF, Word, and Excel invoice creation allows you to integrate it with your current tools.

Sophisticated features enable you to customize further and set different rates for different users, different matters, and different billing items. Built-in calculations enable you to make both unit wise/actual minute billing. It even provides multiple variations of the billing structures including contingency, flat fee, hourly billing and combinations based on requirement.

Reports and Analytics

This provides deep insight into a firm’s activity which will increase your efficiency and help drive your profitability. With the pre-designed report formats, you can identify your most profitable resources, clients, references, associates with most hours billed/realized, account receivables with aging and client payment reminder facility, unbilled WIP hours, client/matter balances and much more. You can also download all the reports in excel format, for further analysis.

Intuitive Dashboards

A classic Operations tool customized to Law Firm requirements provides you with a User-Friendly Dashboard. This provides you with a complete overview of Key Metrics or Information. Matter Dashboards provide quick access to all collateral, including documents, notes, invoices, resource-wise tasks, communications, and events.

Law Practice Management Software Details Provided by: Parimal C.

Law Practice Management Software Details Provided by: Parimal Chanchani

Director - PracticeLeague LegalTech | Revolutionizing The Digital Connect Between Business & Law
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