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LeadsBridge is an all-in-one lead generation suite of tools designed to connect user's leadgen sources with over 240 CRM and email software.

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What is LeadsBridge?

Integrate your CRM or Email software with your Lead Generation sources through LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge integrates over 240 tools and provides a top-notch support service to help marketers avoid any flow interruption.

LeadsBridge makes it easy to sync your CRM or Email software with your favorite solutions. Eight brand new tools to turn your Lead Gen system into a solid environment of high-performing tools.

Thanks to MeetingLeads you can sync Google Calendar and other appointment scheduler software with your CRM or Email software and take the most out of your meetings.

EventLeads syncs contacts you collect from EventZilla and any other platform you use to sell and promote your events, into your CRM or Email software.

WebinarLeads will help you storing your Webinar attendees into your CRM or Email software.

To sync your online sheets with your CRM or Email software you can use DocumentLeads.

And much much more!

CRM retargeting with Custom Audience sync

Retargeting is the most effective strategy to bring more sales to your business. LeadsBridge allows you to get the best out of your campaigns on Facebook with custom audience sync. Sync segments of contacts on your CRM or Email software with custom audiences on Facebook to retarget, upsell or exclude them from your offers.

LeadsBridge will act like a mirror, keeping the Facebook Custom Audiences constantly updated for evergreen retargeting campaigns. Lookalike audiences are going to benefit from this automation as well: a Lookalike audience created on top of a synced Custom Audience will keep being refreshed as well.

LeadsBridge Details Provided by: Stefan D.

LeadsBridge Details Provided by: Stefan Des

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