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LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM


LeadSquared is a Sales Execution Platform designed for medium and large enterprises.

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What is LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM?

Our Sales Execution CRM software is designed to help you sell faster and increase your sales velocity.
With LeadSquared CRM you can:
• Monitor all calls, emails and chat interactions your leads have with your business.
• Track all your sales emails sent to and received from your leads.
• Focus your sales efforts on leads that meet your quality criteria.
• Distribute your leads based on geography, interest or any other criteria.
• Automate tasks like lead & task assignment, list creation, sales notifications and more.
• Monitor every aspect of your sales - funnel, people and revenue.
• Integrated systems to give your people insights they can act upon
• Watch your field sales team closely even from miles away using our mobile CRM.

Our Key Solutions include:
1) Lead Tracking: It makes you wonder why you ever used old school CRMs and Excel Sheet. It helps you:
a) Capture lead information from all sources like forms, chat, emails, phone calls, PPC ads, social media and more. You can even capture info that they haven't shared with you, like their social profiles.
b) Record every conversation your leads have with you - phone calls, emails, chats etc. Everything you track, including lead identity and activities is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.
c) Send automatic mobile and email notifications to sales team when your leads take a relevant action.
d) All your lead insights are tracked in the mobile app as well. Your team can check the lead interactions as they head for their next meeting or grab their coffee.
e) Quantify the lead's engagement by scoring each positive and negative interaction they have with your team. Identify interested and disinterested leads in one glance.
f) Get insights on the leads being generated, the lead sources working best for you, the lead interactions with your sales team, and lead conversion analytics.

2) Email Integration: You can sync your sales inbox with LeadSquared. It works seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook (& all IMAP based email clients). You can:
a) Start tracking your emails in LeadSquared in just a few steps. Takes minutes to set up, and all your incoming and outgoing emails with your leads will start getting tracked.
b) Run a tight quality-control on all the emails that your sales reps send to their leads. Maintain consistency in what is communicated to leads and how it is communicated.
c) Managers can run a simple query to identify unattended leads, because all the phone and email communications get tracked.
d) All the email exchange that happens between your prospects and sales reps is tracked real-time. So, you can view the email trail in one view, identify if the response is delayed, and take an action accordingly.

3) Lead Qualification: Stop wasting time on junk leads by helping your team chase the high-quality leads first.
a) Customize the lead qualification criteria completely to your business needs. Assign high scores to certain lead attributes, like a designation, a geography etc. You can even create custom lead fields or activities and include them as qualification criteria.
b) Use email and phone number validators to keep junk and non-serious leads from entering your sales cycle. This makes sure that your sales funnel remains clean (because bots, spammers and visitors not willing to share their correct info would be filtered out at the onset).
c) Assign high scores to leads that fit your ideal customer persona. This helps filter out the leads that are completely different from your target audience, so that your team doesn't waste time chasing them.
d) Some leads might be in the final stages of making their buying decision. Set up the system to identify these telling-signs, like when a lead clicks on "Send me a quote" link in the email. Get notified when such an activity occurs to increase the chances of closure.
e) Get notified when a high-quality lead arrives. Also get notified on a sales-relevant action, like when the lead clicks an important link on your email. Chase these opportunities first.
f) Use these lead qualification rules to help your sales team prioritize their work daily. Bring the response time for these high-quality leads down to zero and increase their chance of conversion.

4) Lead Distribution: Use it for automated lead assignment and contact your leads before your competition does. With this solution you can:
a) Distribute leads by location, the product they are interested in, the sources they are coming from and more. You can run multiple distribution rules simultaneously.
b) You can set several AND/OR rules to distribute leads. Ex: Leads from New York AND interested in Copywriting can be sent to Team A, and Leads from Los Angeles AND interested in Design course can be sent to Team B
c) Distribute leads fairly between the sales team members in a round robin fashion. Reduce conflicts within the team and increase efficiency.
d) Assign leads to salespeople as soon as they come in. This reduces response time, and helps your sales team connect with the prospects before your competition.

5) Sales Automation: Leave repetitive sales tasks to sales automation and mould to your unique sales process.
a) Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople. You can assign leads by geography, product type, the traffic source from where the lead comes in, and any other criteria. Combinations of one or more rules can be used as well.
b) Set rules to automatically alert salespeople and create tasks for them as soon as something important happens. For Ex: Create a task for a callback when a lead gets assigned to a salesperson and notify the salesperson as well.
c) Notify sales managers in case of an important sales-relevant activity, or an inaction on the salesperson's part. Ex: Notify managers when a positive sales interaction occurs and even if a sales-ready lead is not followed-up on time.
d) Your sales people are busy, and they might miss a few calls at one point or the other. You can capture all these missed calls as leads, and even assign them to sales people in Round-robin fashion or based on pre-defined rules.
e) Set up rules to assign higher quality score to leads with specific attributes. The combination of quality score and lead activity scoring can be used to dynamically create lists of leads that should be chased first, making your team more efficient.
f) Have the sales reports delivered to your inbox daily, every month, or in any frequency you like. Reports for task completion, revenue targets, sales performance, and the funnel status are a few of the many sales reports you can subscribe to.

6) Sales Tracking: Get a Tight Grip on Your Sales Process and stop revenue leakage.
a) Know exactly where the leads are in your sales funnel. Check the sales closed this quarter, the pipeline for this month, and the forecast for next – everything is at your disposal.
b) Monitor sales performance with ease. Identify the sales stars, and the under-performers lagging on targets, based on no. of closures, revenue generated, meetings attended and more.
c) Your sales team would never cut corners again. The Sales Manager would get notified if a follow-up is missed, or if a lead has been sitting untouched in the system for a long time.
d) Find the best and worst "everything" in terms of revenue - salespeople, lead sources, locations, products, and centers in one clean report.
e) Track the meeting locations of your field sales reps. Get real-time updates on how the conversation went, as your sales reps log the meeting details on the app.

LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM Details Provided by: Shibani R.

LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM Details Provided by: Shibani Roy

Marketing Consultant - Education and Insurance Solutions at LeadSquared
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